The crypto world comes with many benefits for its fanatics. Previously, acquiring crypto coins was difficult. As more innovations come out, the crypto sector now offers various ways to exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thanks to different service providers, you can buy crypto coins with cash through cryptocurrency ATMs. 

Simplex buy Bitcoin options provide a debit card that makes it convenient to use your crypto funds. Buying BTC using debit cards is a popular method that many crypto users embrace. To better understand what to expect when using Simplex, this article highlights how to utilize the platform and its products.

Reasons to Use Simplex to Acquire BTC

The Simplex Bitcoin purchase process is fast and straightforward. The crypto market is full of various techniques to help fanatics acquire Bitcoin. However, the Simplex Visa card proves more convenient than most of them. Simplex providers are available globally, making it a reliable platform to buy BTC regardless of the location and time. 

The Simplex debit card allows instant transactions and affordable transaction charges, unlike corporate cards. Recently, NakitCoins and Simplex created a partnership that grants the platform’s users a way to purchase BTC using the Simplex visa card. Below are details on how to buy Bitcoin with Simplex.

Requirements When Shopping for Cryptocurrency Using Simplex

NakitCoins offers a safe network for users to purchase different cryptocurrencies in large volumes. For example, the site allows transactions of twenty thousand dollars or euros each day. Every month, one can exchange up to fifty thousand euros or dollars. NakitCoins will not make it necessary for one to have an account to use their platform. Nonetheless, when checking out, you will need to complete a KYC verification. 

It is advisable to prepare a digital copy of your identification documents in your PC or phone storage. It makes it easier for you to submit them if you wish to use the Simplex buy Bitcoin method. The service cost is an eight percent fee with a minimum of ten dollars as the fee.

How to Build a Simplex Buy

Start by accessing NakitCoin’s site and proceed to the section for Bitcoin purchases. You will get a pop-up request to include the amount of BTC you wish to acquire and the digital wallet you used to store your crypto coins. As mentioned above, you will have to plan for an eight percent charge for your purchases on NakitCoins. The site will redirect you to where you need to complete your Simplex fee payment. Once you select the ‘pay now’ option, wait for the confirmation message. In a short while, you will see your Bitcoin balance reflect on your account.

The main reason to use NakitCoins is because of the fast and easy process. Because the majority of online users are familiar with using debit and credit cards for shopping, this process becomes less mechanical.


Illegitimate cryptocurrency exchanges lead to many cases of theft. Users lose their crypto coins and credit card data. Using a reliable exchange method such as the Simplex buy Bitcoin option keeps you safe from such inconveniences. I hope the information above is useful and helps you understand how to use Simplex to buy Bitcoin.