For some people, work is simply a way to earn money to afford the adventures and experiences with their friends and family in their private life, and whether they work in a small, family-run firm or else a large, global one is entirely irrelevant. 

However, for others, the drive and desire, and entrepreneurial spirit will, at some point, take over, and if you have this burning ambition, too, then launching your own business may well be on the horizon.

So, with that being said, continue reading to learn how to use your degree to open your business in three completely different industries. 

BA in English Literature

One of the most popular undergraduate degrees of all, both in the United States and across the world, is the BA in English Literature, with most students opting for a major in a more specialized area such as English Language, Drama, Film Studies, or attaching an additional simultaneous qualification in teaching English. 

The beauty of owning such a prestigious qualification is that there are numerous business start-up ideas for which your degree will be invaluable – notably becoming a private tutor to help struggling students with English, a freelance writer, a freelance journalist, or even becoming an author and publishing your book yourself. 

BSc in Veterinary Science

If you have spent six years or more training to become a veterinary surgeon, then obviously, you will be dedicated to helping animals and also to utilizing your years of studying in your new business.

With that in mind, perhaps the best possible decision would be to make plans to open your own veterinary surgery, which will allow you to still be making a huge difference to animals in and around your local area but also to step away from the proverbial front line.

It would also be advisable to contact the established veterinary consultants at, who will be able to guide you through the entire process of opening your new practice, from initial planning to opening to your first furry customer. 

BSc in Mathematics

The third type of undergraduate degree, entirely different from the two already discussed above, which opens a plethora of doors in terms of options for starting your own company, is that of an undergraduate degree in mathematics. 

An extremely profitable venture, which will naturally require some additional training, would be to become a hired accountant, which basically means you can go from company to company and be your own boss.

Other notable self-employed business opportunities for those with a BSc in Mathematics include starting a sound and lighting engineering business, a freelance actuarial analyst, or even a private tutor in the subject. 

By far, the best thing about using your further education qualifications in, perhaps, a slightly different way than you initially intended is that you can bring together both your knowledge and your practical experience to create a business that you are both proud of and dedicated to.