Gemstones hold a special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. And when it comes to moonstone, it is no doubt a favorite of many. The divine beauty is loved for the soft glow that appears coming from the inside of the gem. The gemstone also has healing properties and is said to relax and calm the mind of the wearer.

The feminine energies of moonstone can nourish and heal you. It will guide you to your higher purpose. It will control your emotional state that gets disturbed during the waxing and waning of the moon. The crystal will re-energize your mind and keep you away from negativity.

What Happens When You Wear Moonstone Jewelry?

The gemstone makes the wearer more connected to their inner self. The magical powers of this gem pave the way to enlightenment for the wearer.

Moonstone will give you clarity of thoughts and help you achieve calmness. It will also enhance your intuitive powers.

The gemstone is associated with passion, tenderness, and feelings of love. Therefore, it is also called the “Stone of Lovers.” You can also gift a moonstone ring to your loved one; it is an elegant and must-have jewelry piece.

Due to its calming effects, the gemstone is also said to cure your sleep-related problems. The crystal can be really beneficial for treating insomnia.

The gemstone is used to treat diseases of the kidneys, liver, and gall bladder. It also treats arthritis, asthma, and spinal conditions.

Ways to Wear Moonstone Jewelry

Let The Shimmer Talk: If you like glitter a lot, you can go for faceted stones. These will go well with formal attire. In addition, when other shimmering gems are combined with these, it creates an excellent play of shine.

Pick The Statement Look for You: Choose a large size moonstone necklace or earrings to create a statement style. Statement jewelry goes best with basic outfits. For example, choose a monochrome dress and pair it with large size moonstone danglers.

Choose Delicate Jewelry for Elegance: Delicate moonstone jewelry is quite popular. It looks subtle and feminine. It works best for casual and workday outfits.

Choose Small Stones: Small stones give a minimal look to the jewelry. So simple yet classy it will look chic when paired with a casual t-shirt and pair of denim.

Keep it Minimal: Moonstone pendants and rings are loved for their minimal appearance. Choose individual moonstone pendants or rings for a simple and subtle look.

You Can Also Pick The Raw Form of Moonstone For Your Jewelry: For a natural appearance of the gemstone, choose the basic form crystals. It goes well with every occasion.

Sources of Moonstone:

Moonstone is found in colorless form as well as in colors pink, blue, yellow, and peach. It is available in transparent as well as opaque form. The most desirable quality moonstones are sourced from Sri Lanka and India. It is also available in Myanmar, Norway, Australia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

Gemstones jewelry has a persona. It instantly adds grace to your overall appearance. They are unique and rare, which makes them so desirable. Moonstone is loved for its adularescence which looks like a milky sheen.

Where to Buy Moonstone Jewelry?

If you are thinking about where to buy gemstone jewelry, I suggest you check out Rananjay Exports. They are trusted for their genuine quality gemstone jewelry. You will find a wide variety in moonstone necklaces, TheBracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings here. They have classic designs that are evergreen as well as the latest and modern designs. You can also get your gemstone jewels customized from them.

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