An Indian city is not the place to visit when it comes to peace or solitude. With packed crowds and a buoyant culture, it would be really difficult to isolate itself from the chaos, more so if you pay a visit to any of the tourist centres. But there is a fair saying with proper planning and research the crowds are easy to navigate when you happen to be in Chennai. It is though till that point of time where they might not be a hindrance to the overall experience. Accommodation in ITC Grand Chola Chennai is available when you are planning to visit the southern fringes of the city which is sans crowd.

Choose the best time for you to visit

If you visit Chennai in the summer months it is obvious that there is less crowd to deal as compared to the other months of the year. But this would also mean that you have to cope up with the legendary heat of Chennai that is going to be pretty much unsettling like the crowds if not more. It has to be said that the weather is conducive to travel in the months of December to January, though this is the time when tourists both local or the international ones would swarm the city.

The month of November witnesses seasonal floods. If you are looking for conducive weather and few crowds then the best time to visit Chennai would be the month of January or February. The reason being constitutes the fag end of the winter months as in some parts of India.

Check out the local calendar

Tourism is an industry which would work in Chennai like any other region of the world, people end up ignoring certain aspects when they travel to Chennai. The city does have their own calendar and their respective seasons. Pretty much like the western calendar every month is bound to have particular significance. If you are planning to do some shopping it is better to ignore the wedding season that falls in the month of August. Though there turns out to be some things which is better enjoyed during the festive months, there would be no better way to navigate crowds in Chennai than the annual calendar.

Be aware which arethe festivals you need to avoid when you are going out

During the religious festivals the city comes to light, but if you are stepping out and avoid the crowds there are some events you need to avoid. Pongal and Diwali turn out to be a no brainer but other events of national security also draw in a lot of crowds. Not forgetting to mention that the beaches and temples have crowds in full flow.

If you are in Chennai during Pongal you have to be aware that Tamil culture is one of the few ones in the world which devotes a special tourism day known as Kaanum Pongal. On this day the tourists from all over the city descend on the main tourist spots in Chennai. During this time of the year the crowds of the city would be twice than the average.

The month of shopping- Aadi

The earlier mentioned rules would not be applicable for Aadi and more so if you happen to be in some mood for shopping.  Between the months of July to August there are not a lot of festivals and it would boast of a religious theme. Of late it is going to draw in crowds from the various religious centres in Tamil Nadu. This time of the year you may get the best of deals so you can plan an accommodation in ITC grand CholaChennaiand visit the city.

Start early

Chennai has its fair share of criticism when it comes to downing the shutter early at night, but it covers most of it by starting towards the early part of the day. As compared to the other cities some of the shops are open as early as 6 am in the morning. Though a particular attention of Chennai would be the morning temples which is going to spring back to life in the wee hours of the morning.

The beaches are the places where you may come across the local residents, but they are full of visitors during the evening times. Chennai is full of beaches where there is going to be ample space for all.

Head to the south direction if the beach would be on your mind

Chennai is a hub of beautiful coastline and boasts of the second largest beach of the world. Coupled with other beaches they are known to draw crowds in the city. But if you are looking for peace and solitude then head south as you would be having fewer crowds to encounter. Just head south and you are to stumble upon the pristine beaches of Kovalam. Pick any of these beaches as nature is not going to discriminate in any way.

Do not opt for any tour operators

Most of the tour operators in the city are known to operating in a fixed schedule, which indicates when they are taking you to an attraction there would be other tourists bundled along with it. Mostly they are known to be dealing with local business indicating you might be doing the business during the busy hours.

Though Chennai has some popular destinations, there are a few of them which are not densely populated but worth the charm. They turn out be hidden gems and attracts crowds from all wakes of life. The weather of Chennai is such that virtually it becomes impossible to venture out during the summer months. But at the night the place is where you can plan out a visit. There is less movement of traffic and the crowd is on the lesser side. For all these reasons various establishments have emerged in this part of Chennai. It is going to provide interesting options after sunset