Nearly 90% of people use the internet when looking for local businesses. Strong digital campaigns can help you reach those customers online. Without precise targeting, however, you could waste time and money.

Instead, learn how to identify the right audience benchmarks for your next digital campaign using these tips. With this guide, you can develop a successful business plan with your ideal customers in mind. More precise targeting could help you generate more leads and sales, too.

Start reaching the right audience online! Get started with these easy tips today.

1. Conduct Client Interviews

You can start learning more about your target audience by conducting client interviews.

Talk to the people who already rely on your product or service. Ask them questions related to their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Household income
  • Pain points
  • Buying behaviors
  • Interests
  • Education
  • Language
  • Hobbies

You can distribute customer surveys online to get started. There are also digital marketing tools you can use to gather this information.

2. Gather Market Research

Learn more about your customers by gathering market research, too. Gather research specific to your industry or niche. Look for gaps that your product or service could satisfy.

Then, look for industry trends that might impact your digital campaigns as well.

Determine where to focus your efforts to ensure you reach your ideal customers.

3. Analyze the Competition

Analyzing your competitors could help you pinpoint the right target audience, too.

Who are your competitors selling to? Look at the digital campaigns they’ve created as well.

Determine if they’re focused on a broad or niche audience. If they’re focused on a broad group, spend your energy on a niche group instead. You’ll have an easier time attracting ideal customers.

4. Create Personas

Once you’ve gathered your audience research, you can start developing buyer personas.

Segment your customers based on their personalities, needs, or demographics. Think about the devices and channels they appear on, too. For example, American adults spend 3.5 hours a day using mobile devices.

Then, you can create digital campaigns with each group in mind.

5. Determine Exclusions

Add exclusions when determining your personas, too. Think about the demographics they don’t fall under.

That way, you can avoid wasting time and money on the wrong audience.

6. Use Analytics

Start building your digital campaigns based on the benchmarks you’ve developed. Then, study your Google Analytics. Are you reaching the right customers on the right channels?

For example, you can use email testing to determine if you’re reaching the right consumers.

Determine what content your customers engage with most. Then, you can start making data-driven decisions for your campaigns.

7. Make Adjustments

As you gather data, make sure to adjust your targeting. Improve your digital campaigns to boost your ROI.

Get on Target: 7 Tips for Identifying the Right Audience Benchmarks

Targeting the right audience can help you develop a successful business plan. You can build more successful digital campaigns to boost leads and sales. As your sales improve, you can boost your ROI and grow your business.

Target the right customers with these tips today.

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