Dental Care

Dental pain can sometimes be severe and lead to immense discomfort that can ruin your day. You cannot avoid the pain even if its severity is very low. That’s not it; a toothache can even very often lead to a medical emergency that you cannot ignore. 

However, you can tackle such a dental emergency on the go with an emergency dental care service. You can get through the pain and subside it with proper medical attention and a professional at your service. 

Read on to learn more about some common dental emergencies and what to do when you are hit by one.  You can visit Teledentistry to learn more about emergency dentist services and book an appointment with a professional dentist in Las Vegas.

Most common dental emergencies

All dental issues are not counted as dental emergencies. Some minor dental ailments might get fixed by consuming painkillers or using pain relief toothpaste. Nevertheless, you must be vigilant if it is a dental emergency, as you cannot cure it easily. 

The most common dental emergencies can be chipped teeth, gum disease, or tooth decay. While you can go to a general practitioner for first aid treatment, you should try to get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. 

Some other common dental emergencies are listed down below. 

  • Knocked out tooth- Tooth fall or loss out due to any accident. 
  • Broken orthodontics – Breaking of brace metal wires may stick out and poke your gums and cheeks. 
  • Dental Abscess – Infection near the tooth root or the space between gums and teeth. 
  • Partially dislodged tooth – The tooth pushes further into or out of its socket.  
  • Lost filling – Breaking of the crown or filling tooth. 

How to handle a dental emergency?

Dental problems are way more different and complex when compared to common muscular pain. When you experience a severe toothache or a complex dental issue, you won’t be in the state to wait for another day. In such a case, you can take doctor-prescribed painkillers for the time being, but it’s not recommended to rely on them entirely. 

Next, head straight to a professional dentist to look for the root cause and treatment of the pain. However, if the severity of the pain is extreme and you cannot afford to stand it, it is most likely due to a dental emergency. 

In dental emergencies, especially in cases of accidents, you cannot wait longer to see the dentist. So, the only thing that can help is an immediate appointment or virtual consultation with a professional dentist. A trustworthy emergency dentist platform like Teledentistry can be a big help here.

With an online consultancy service, neither do you have to take any referrals from people, nor do you have to wait for an extended time. You can get the essential treatment from the professionals right on time. Scroll down to learn more about the top five emergency dentists in Nevada.

5 Best Emergency Dentists in Nevada


Teledentistry is one of the most promising emergency dentist service providers in Nevada. You can get all the necessary facilities here, starting from 24*7 virtual assistance and treatment to provide instant medication. 

Teledentistry also offers an emergency urgent booking facility for any unforeseen contingency. The greatest advantage of Teledentistry is you can choose your dentist as per your requirements. They provide you with a list of recommended professional dentists, from which you can pick the one that suits your needs best. 

The online service also shares your prescription with the nearest pharma store, making them ready to be picked up once your session with the dentist is over. 

Summer Dental & Orthodontics

Summer Dental and Orthodontics provide you with excellent dentistry services. They deliver unmatched dental treatment to patients by fusing experience, technological brilliance, and sincere compassion. 

Summer Dental and Orthodontics use cutting-edge technology for treatment. Contact them if you require emergency dentistry, dental treatment, or cosmetic dentistry.

You can schedule an appointment with them even during evening hours or on weekends without hindering your busy work schedule. 

Moreover, they also accept dental insurance. They will check your benefits with your insurance company before your consultation. Then they will submit the insurance claims and will fully address any benefit-related queries you may have.

Advanced Dentistry of Nevada

Advanced Dentistry of Nevada provides high-quality dental care to the patients of Nevada. They use contemporary dental technology, and because of this, the staff can provide you with effective, relaxing, and productive treatment alternatives. They believe that investing in improved equipment results in significantly better dental visits overall.

Whether you require simple oral surgery or a simple tooth cleaning, they can help. They provide you with a variety of simple payment choices that make it simple to finance any service you may require.

Galleria Dental

Galleria Dental gives you a friendly environment, and you will not feel unpleasant anymore when you visit a dental clinic. They always present you with all of their alternatives and advise you to choose the treatment that is most appropriate for your particular circumstance.

Dental implants, cosmetic procedures, cosmetic orthodontics, six-month smiles, and family dentistry are just a few of the dental treatments that you will get at Galleria Dental. 

To deliver unmatched dental treatment, they take pride in utilizing advanced technology, like digital x-rays and metal-free fillings. At Galleria Dental, talented dentists are committed to offering top-notch dental care and instructing you on improving and maintaining excellent oral health.

Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental clinics are dedicated to treating patients with the respect and care they deserve. Promise to create an open, judgment-free atmosphere that focuses solely on giving excellent dental care. 

They believe in offering comprehensive care that covers both your immediate and long-term oral healthcare requirements. Offer emergency dental treatment when you require it, i.e., if you are in pain or have sustained a dental injury. All you have to do is visit them or give them a call.


No one can foresee the future and prevent bad things from happening. Luckily, you can manage to take on an emergency dental situation with a professional emergency dentist. Only a professional dentist can understand the severity of the emergency and can cure the underlying problems accordingly.