Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

If you are a landlord, it is best for you to understand the responsibilities that come along with being one. There are various legal matters that you have to address, before putting a space of yours on rent. And one of them is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

To begin with, it is crucial to know that you cannot rent out a property without a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. It is illegal to do so. It is a legal necessity that has to be met.

Why? This certificate programs that all your gas run appliances have been checked thoroughly by a gas safety engineer, in at least the last 10-12 months. Just like a landlord has many other legal duties to meet, having this certificate is one of them.

Insight to Landlord Gas Safety Certificate:

As a landlord, you have a variety of different responsibilities to meet. It isn’t an easy job. But a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is one of the most crucial duties that you need to fulfill. It is documentation that proves that your appliances and flues are checked by a professional and qualified gas safety engineer.

This certificate is also known as CP12 or Corega Performa. It came into existence quite a lot of years back when CORGI was responsible for the safety of all gas-run appliances. However, in 2009, this responsibility was handed over to the Gas Safety authorities.

These authorities have all the registered and licensed gas engineers listed, making it easier for people to hire legal engineers only. It is important to know that the names listed on Gas Safety are the only licensed engineers, who are allowed to carry out the inspections and approve of your appliances as safe and sound to function.

The importance of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is inevitable and unavoidable. It is vital to check all the gas appliances, every year to provide safe spaces to their tenants. It not only puts you, as a landlord, on people’s priority list but also gives the tenants some peace of mind. Your image comes up as a responsible landlord too.

LifeSpan of Landlord Gas Safety Certificate:

So how long does the certificate last? The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate expires after 12 months. If you have tenants staying at your place, and the certificate expires; you have to provide them with a new one, within a month, or precisely, in 28 days. Likewise, any new tenants who come in must have this certificate, provided by you, as the landlord.

Also, it is great if you keep all your certificates safe, even when they expire. These certificates are proof that you have been following the legal regulations. And in the future, if anyone requires you to show these; you will have a record with you.

What does an Inspection Include?

Now, when you call in gas engineers to check your appliances, what should you exactly expect from the service? The inspection obviously includes a detailed check of all the gas appliances that you use, to ensure that they are safe to be used for at least the next 12 months.

This process will include:

  • Inspection of appliances for safety regulations
  • The tightness of the appliances
  • Sufficient ventilation for proper functioning
  • Inspection of the gas and burner pressure
  • Inspection of flue flow, to ensure that all combustible products are removed
  • Monitoring the gas pressure
  • Safe of use, of all appliances

Do Prices vary for the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Yes, they do. You won’t get one fixed price from all engineers. Thus, it is best to look around and hire Plumbers East London that suits your budget. The number of appliances will also make a difference and each service provider will have a separate quote.


Owning a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is mandatory for all landlords. Check-in with your state’s regulations and you will know that it is illegal to rent out your space, without having this. Many tenants demand this certificate, on their own too. Thus, it is best to act responsibly and get all your gas run appliances checked regularly.