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Increasing likes and comments on Instagram will ultimately increase the engagement or rate of user interaction with your page, so given that the new algorithms that Instagram has introduced also have many effects on this rate of interaction, the importance of this issue has doubled.

The importance of increasing likes and comments on Instagram has grown so much today that many pages order likes and comments for their page. Therefore, it is doubly important that admin pages, in addition to their content activities, also resort to these tricks and methods.

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How important is it to increase likes and comments on Instagram?

Since the launch of its new algorithms that measure user interactions with the page, and seeing the sudden impact of the pages, Instagram has been looking to increase interaction with their users.

If you are careful, pages that do not respond to you in the comments. They don’t like the answers or they never reply to the direct ones, even with a like or short words like “That’s right, that’s it, great…” their content goes viral on Instagram and is seen less.

Instagram may have been fooled for a while just by increasing the likes and followers completely and showing more of your post to others and more people sharing your content on Instagram. But back in the old days, large digital companies and social networks now make extensive use of intelligent artificial intelligence algorithms. From Google to Facebook and Instagram and Telegram, which make great use of this new science.

Our solutions to increase likes and comments on Instagram page?

Now that you know the importance of paying attention to Instagram algorithms and, in fact, the demands of users, you can think of solutions to these problems, do some tricks, and produce content that makes your Instagram page valuable and more visible to the user.

In this article, we will further review these strategies and introduce 5 strategies to increase likes and comments on your Instagram page on the Sociallygo Instagram Like and Comment Shopping Site .

Quality content; Content is king!

Do not forget that quality content attracts users well to your page and posts, makes the user subconsciously visit your page every day, like your posts, leave comments or even other page comments You answer.

Special and quality images

Put yourself in the shoes of your followers. If you enter a page, how do you feel about your work, which has very repetitive and classic images? How do you feel? You definitely feel like you are dealing with a copy page without order, or you no longer decide to follow the posts on this page, or if you once followed this page, you will follow it.

Do your best to find new images, or at least the latest images. Work brightly, let the designer design well on your high quality images and create a post cover for you. Post cover is very effective in the user’s habit of using posts, do not forget at all. Do not forget the composite images that you can create and use.

Attractive topics and fan

Find lots of interesting and engaging topics and list them for yourself to use later. If you are a business page, you can share interesting moments of sending or packing products, or share your customer experience with others.

Usually a number of your customers are still interacting with you after each purchase and leave you with the feeling of buying and using services and products. You can make a video or photo of these events with the permission of the customer and post a story or post.

Interaction with users; The main story of the growth of the Instagram page!

Interacting with followers and users is now the principle, sometimes even surpassing the production of content that is modified by the king, the issue of increasing engagement and page interactions. Be sure to respond to comments as much as you can. You can reply in such a way that the rest of the user is activated and the body replies and comments on your reply again.

Be sure to like the good comments. In general, try to like most of the comments. Also, do not forget the direct ones.

Exchange with other pages and buy real likes and comments

In another article on the site, we explained to you that one of the ways to increase likes and comments for and increase followers is to exchange with other Instagram pages. In this article, which is about the importance of increasing Instagram likes and comments, we want to mention this issue again.

Imagine that inside your favorite page, you are liking and watching movies and content, and suddenly you come across an interesting ad about another page that your favorite page is advertising. Be sure to go to the comments and likes of his posts after going to the advertised page, the user likes not to lie to him! Do not put the sparrow in the place of the canary and throw it! So, it is not enough to see the ad and follow it without further review, and it must have one more review on the comments and likes of IGTV posts and videos .

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In this article on Socially go site, we mentioned the importance of increasing likes and comments on Instagram and in fact the importance of increasing user interaction. , I hope this article could have helped you a lot in managing your Instagram page.