Have you ever wondered why cannabis comes in different colors, flavors, and compositions? Do you know the difference between Indica vs Sativa? If not, then this guide is for you.

Essentially, there are two types of strains in the cannabis plant. There’s the Sativa, known for its cerebral high, and the indica, which is more inclined towards giving the user a body high.

So what’s the difference between Indica vs Sativa? That is what we are here to discover, so sit back and get ready to ride through the world of smoke cannabis and its strains!

Physical Characteristics

When it comes to physical characteristics, Indica and Sativa cannabis plants differ quite significantly. Indica plants are shorter, bushier, and have a higher leaf-to-flower ratio.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin, often reaching over 12 feet in their flowering stage, and tend to have fewer leaves with more prominent flowers. Indicas tend to have higher resin production. The buds are generally denser and more tightly packed.

Sativas produce higher yields with fewer buds, producing more loose, fluffy, light-colored flowers. Indoor Sativa plants sometimes take up to three months to finish their flowering stage. Thus, Indica plants finish within eight weeks.

Growth Patterns

The primary difference between Indica and Sativa plants is in their growth pattern. The growth patterns of the two plant varieties differ drastically. Indica plants tend to increase with a bushy, full shape.

Thus, the Sativa plants have more vining quality with a slimmer, stretched-out silhouette. This difference in growth patterns is often utilized when breeding new hybrid strain.

It is with specific effects and characteristics. Indica and Sativa also differ in their impact on the body and mind. Yet, it is essential to note that impact can be varied based on individual genetics and the composition of any given cannabis strains.

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Effects They Produce

Indica and Sativa are two distinct varieties of the cannabis plant. They each produce different effects on the human body.

Indica strains of cannabis are known to create a more ‘body-heavy’ effect. Thus, leading to a relaxed, sleepy, and calming sensation.

Sativa produces more energetic and uplifting effects. It is ideal for creative tasks and challenges. Sativa is recommended to treat issues such as depression and fatigue.

In sum, each of these strains produces specific effects that can be beneficial depending on the consumer’s needs. Knowing the differences between Indica and Sativa can be helpful when trying to decide which strain will be the most suitable choice.

Differences Between Indica vs Sativa Now

In conclusion, there is a clear difference between Indica vs Sativa strains. Indicas are typically used for sleep and relaxation, while Sativas are more energizing.

If you’re looking for a specific effect from cannabis, it’s wise to understand the difference between the two strains. Call your local cannabis dispensary today to find out which type of cannabis that is right for you!

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