healthy eating habits
Instilling healthy eating habits in your kids- How to get them to eat better

It is important to engage your child in fun activities for kids at every level, be it learning a new skill, expressing himself/herself through sports, games and creative activities or even participating in the best fun activities online at Yellow Class like flameless cooking, Bollywood dance, general knowledge and more. However, no matter what you do to encourage free thinking, you should set some ground rules for behavior and temperament while also maintaining recommended practices. You should make sure that children imbibe healthier eating practices from an early age onwards. A healthy diet and eating habits may immensely impact overall emotional and mental wellness of children along with keeping conditions like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ADHD successfully at bay. Eating properly will boost healthy development and growth of your children into adulthood while helping manage symptoms of any illnesses that they may already have. 

Here are some tips on encouraging healthy eating habits for children. 

  • Emphasize more on the overall meal plan instead of specific items. Children should consume food that is not processed and as close to the natural form as possible while eating less amounts of packaged food. 
  • Children usually end up imitating their parents so make sure that you eat healthy food yourself in order to motivate them. 
  • Try and conceal healthier foods into perceived attractive meals. For instance, add some vegetables to chicken stews or add mashed carrots to mashed potatoes and so on. 
  • Make sure that more meals are cooked at home. Limit eating out and ordering takeout and restaurant meals. 
  • Get your children involved in buying groceries and making meals in the kitchen. Teach them about various kinds of food items and also teach them how to decipher food labels carefully. 
  • Keep healthy snacks at arm’s length including vegetables, fruits, pure fruit juices and milk, which they can consume throughout the day. This will help them avoid cookies, chips and unhealthy sodas among other items. 
  • Do not bribe your children with food or use it as a reward for getting them to complete any task. Do not insist on children cleaning up the entire plate and limit their portion sizes. 
  • Breakfast should be the biggest and healthiest meal of the day. You can simply use eggs for that nutrition boost at the start along with high-protein and low-sugar cereals and apples and other fruits. 
  • Sit down to eat meals together as a family and this will help children in loving home cooked meals greatly. 
  • Offer new foods only when kids are actually hungry; restrict snack intake throughout the entire day. 
  • Cut food into unique shapes or create a mash or collage of food items. 
  • Serve new items with preferred items for scaling up overall acceptance amongst children. 
healthy eating habits
Instilling healthy eating habits in your kids- How to get them to eat better

Teaching your children to cook is also a great way to get them involved in planning healthier meals. Try flameless cooking classes and other fun activities online at Yellow Class. This will certainly get them interested!