In today’s digital age, internet access is essential for day-to-day activities. Its need was felt more than ever during the pandemic. During lockdowns and social distancing, the internet became the primary source to access products, services, and even means of income. People in the cities were in a far better position to deal with this shift to digitalization. However, the rural communities found themselves isolated and therefore suffered major setbacks. This was mainly because of the lack of network infrastructure. 

ISPs should build strong networks and offer quality Cox Cable internet deals in remote areas to bridge this urban-rural internet divide. Stable and fast connections are essential for rural communities to thrive. Internet access allows them to promote their services/goods to a larger market. It also connects them with healthcare services and provides them access to a plethora of opportunities. Here are is how internet access can benefit rural areas/communities.

#1. Telehealth

Telehealth refers to virtual medical services. These include everything ranging from check-ups to consultations and remote patient monitoring. The concept has gained a lot of acceptance during the pandemic. 

But rural broadband has very slow internet speeds. This makes it very difficult for people to avail the benefits of such services. More than half of the rural population lives in places where a physician is at least 60 minutes drive away. Elderly or severely ill patients have no choice but to commute long distances to seek treatment. With good internet connectivity, people can have a timely diagnosis and receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. 

#2. Makes Local Business Go Global

Online business presence is very important in today’s time. It expands your customer base by leaps and bounds. You are no longer targeting a limited local community. With a high-speed connection, you can avail cloud-based services and online tools to promote your products and streamline your processes. That’s what broadband internet does. It saves your money, time as well as the resources you’re using to drive traffic to your doorstep. 

#3. Educational Opportunities

Today all kinds of degrees, as well as courses, are available on the web. Students do not need to put on clothes and go to schools and colleges to get a degree or learn a skill. Most of the programs offer online classes as well. And these are ideal for local rural students who live hours away from their nearest campus. 

With tools like Google Classroom and Zoom, students have the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world. But this requires having a reliable and fast internet connection. 

#4. Smooth Business Operations

A high-speed broadband connection lets businesses connect to a variety of helpful apps and tools. Online software such as Office, Adobe, and online banking are things that rural people do not have access to. By making them available businesses can be run far more efficiently. Thus the need for improved network infrastructure. 

#5. Promotes Tourism

People residing in beautiful tourist destinations like Point Roberts want to attract visitors to their business. But if they do not have access to the internet, their businesses would not show up on Google search listings or even on GPS. When tourists can easily find attractions in rural areas, the locals get business. So it’s a win-win for all.

#6. Connect with Law Agencies

Websites and social media networks provide important technology updates from local police forces as well as government agencies. With a reliable broadband network, all notifications about Amber Alerts, dangers, or emergencies can be made in real-time. This allows you to control or manage a situation on time.

#7. Helps Farmers Build Business

Farmers can use the web for various reasons. They need facts and figures about weather conditions, crop production as well as market information. And the internet is a convenient and reliable source for the purpose. The information and insights they get from the web allowing them to make better plans. It helps save costs, reduces unnecessary workload, and derives better results for the business.

#8. Contact with Loved Ones

Often many retirees choose to settle in places such as Point Roberts or Whidbey. They want a peaceful and stress-free life. But this does not mean they do not want to be in touch with their friends and family residing in urban cities. They still want to see them, talk to them and share moments in real-time. Apps like FaceTime and Skype have made this possible. But for them to run smoothly, a good stable internet connection is a must.

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