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Now combined with the Watlow-designed INTUITION environment, the Watlow F4T controller has jumped to another evolutionary level in terms of system management. Taking advantage of improved technology, particularly for use in input/output control points, the latest F4T controller combined with the improved graphical user interface (GUI) approach is a light year leap forward.

An Intuitive Visual Approach for System Controller Learning

The latest Watlow F4T model provides a user a sizable 4.3 inch-sized screen that incorporates graphical input and control as well as high-definition clarity. And the Watlow F4T still comes with all the durability and dependability needed for industrial applications and factory floors. However, most importantly, the INTUITION OS system included with the latest F4T controller is likely to make a traditional user manual for reference completely obsolete and a forgotten memory.

A Rainbow Portfolio of Watlow Features Included as Standard

Once installed in its physical location, the Watlow F4T will become immediately apparent in how useful and easier it is to work with as a system controller. Current Watlow controller models come standard with:

  • Temperature readouts and over/under limits
  • Power-switching
  • Mathematical formula input
  • Logic computation capability
  • Counters and timer features
  • Algorithm programming
  • Altitude metrics
  • Humidity metrics
  • Pressure measuring
  • Cascade sensing
  • Multiple communication system format compatibilities, including SCPI, Ethernet Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and EIA232/485 connections.
  • E-mail and texting alerts to multiple user lists
  • Role-based notification features
  • Variations of alarm conditions
  • Analog input issues

In short, users are going to be overwhelmed with the number of benefits and features the latest Watlow F4T provides over legacy system controllers and analog monitors, as well as the versatility provided with new options in a GUI format that takes touchscreen input.

One of the added advantages of the F4T is that, in providing a modular-capable controller, Watlow also designed the current controller model to be expandable and removable. This allows system managers to be able to flex and move controllers between different complexes and locations as necessary or when phasing in/phasing out old and new equipment. It also makes the Watlow F4T controllers highly recyclable after initial installation and placement.

Ongoing System and Product Support at Your Fingertips

Seagate Controls carries the Watlow F4T and can easily provide online as well as in-person guidance on how to adapt to the GUI INTUITION environment via the F4Ts 4.3-inch screen. However, in our opinion, the system is so easy to work with, it’s likely many system management personnel are going to pick up the knack for the Watlow controller in a matter of minutes. And when the additional advanced features become apparent, the unmatched versatility of the F4T will become truly obvious to the experienced. As with any of Seagate’s product lines, our team provides full support, both in helping decide how to utilize the F4T as well as follow-up Watlow equipment and technical support. It’s one of the top reasons why customers and clients keep coming back to take advantage of our Seagate-Watlow partnership. Call us at Seagate Controls to find out more and how the Watlow F4T can revamp your systems management.