IPL is one of the most famous leagues in the world also because of a large number of strong teams who are motivated. For sure not all the teams in cricket are the same but there are only the best cricketers playing in the Indian league. On this page, you will find some important information about the ipl best team. But it is really difficult to choose the only one team to tell about so there is will be also some short descriptions of the strongest in this league.

Also, it should be noticed that the same team can show different results in every league. Here are the main leagues that take place in professional cricket besides Indian Premier League (IPL):

  • Cricket Leagues
  • ICC World Cup (ICC CWC)
  • World T20
  • ICC Champions Trophy (ICC)
  • The Ashes Series (The Ashes)

But most of the bettors prefer the IPL also because it is the most popular Cricket championship in the world for the last few years. Also because of this high popularity, there is will be really wide betting lines available and the best odds also. Another reason for the high popularity of this league is the fact that here all the teams are from India so for you, the forecasting will be much easier than for the international tournaments where lots of different factors should be noticed.

The best IPL team – who is the leader of the rating

Before choosing the best team for the Indian Premier League you need to remember that there is two at least two clubs because every year leader of the rating can be changed. At the same time, the best team in IPL history is for sure Mumbai Indians. This team has 125 winnings and the Highest total: 217. Some of the main reasons for the results of the Mumbai Indians are excellent management and the strong line-up. Every year team signs new players, so its results are growing all the time.

Today the Mumbai Indians are one of the richest clubs not only in the domestic area but also in world cricket. The owner of the team is Mukesh Ambani who is the richest person in the whole of India. The franchise fee is 111.9 and the market value is 72. For sure because of the good funding, the team succeeds in the domestic and international tournaments.

But even the clubs without that good funding can be considered the best cricket teams in the Indian Premier League. In the top-5 strongest teams, we can see Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Punjab Kings. Also before there were Delhi Capitals, but now the team is not so strong anymore.

To understand why these teams are the TOP-rated you will need to learn the statistics of the clubs in previous tournaments and the current shape. Remember that with a strong line-up each team can become the NO.1. So it is really important to track the IPL auction results and check all the changes in the professional or personal players’ spheres. You will find that information via the sportsbooks websites (available not in all the sportsbooks) or via some thematic Internet resources.