Aluminum scores the highest popularity ratings when it comes to custom metal signs. This is expected given their long list of attractive features such as incredible durability, versatility, professional look, strength and rigidity, lightweight nature, among others. There are three common aluminum signs: standard, reflective, and brushed signs. Brushed aluminum has the most refined and attractive look of the three types of aluminum signs. But are they as durable? All three types of aluminum signs are durable and are expected to last approximately 5 to 7 years. 

However, there is a catch when it comes to brushed aluminum. It is relatively easy to scratch, and thus you should emphasize proper care to optimize its durability, whether used indoors or outdoors. In this article, we’ll define what a brushed aluminum sign is, along with its pros and cons and how to effectively clean it to maintain its glow and longevity for the longest time possible. 

What Is Brushed Aluminum?

From the name, brushed aluminum is made from brushing or polishing aluminum metal to give it a uniquely warm and friendly texture. Although you can use it for outdoor signs, brushed aluminum is typically used for indoor signs in places like business premises, lobbies, restaurants, indicating directions within a building, and many more. 

Pros Of Brushed Aluminum Signs 

Brushed aluminum signs are popular and have a lot of advantages over other signage materials. Below are some pros that make them outstanding. 

  • Gives A Professional Business Look 

Brushed aluminum is quite popular in the business world for its naturally classy and professional aura. It appears more expensive and enhances indoor spaces a great deal. For this, you’ll find them in various business premises and other professional offices and spaces, including courtrooms, law offices, colleges, to mention a few. 

  • It’s Affordable 

Brushed aluminum signs are relatively affordable for their outstanding features compared to other sign materials such as wood or plastic. It’s one of the best signage investment options as you won’t need to buy signs that may not last you even a year. Mounting a brushed aluminum sign is also super easy due to its light nature, reducing costs associated with installation. 

  • It’s Strong Yet Lightweight 

Just like all other aluminum signs, brushed aluminum is strong and yet surprisingly light compared to other sign materials in the market. It won’t warp easily, making it an excellent sign material. These features also make it durable and will never deteriorate even when exposed to high amounts of moisture or humidity. 

Cons of Brushed Aluminum Signs

With all its advantages, brushed aluminum also has its share of notable limitations. Below are some of them. 

  • Limited To One-Side Printing

Due to how they are made, one significant downside for brushed aluminum is its inability to be printed on both sides. They are only suitable for mounting walls as the backside lacks a brushed appearance. 

  • Cannot Display White Ink 

Another disadvantage is that it can’t show white ink due to its matte aluminum ink. It will significantly disadvantage you if part or all of your signs design includes a white color. You’ll have to settle for another color if you insist on using brushed aluminum. 

  • Prone To Scratches 

Unlike standard aluminum signs, brushed aluminum signs are highly prone to scratches. Such delicateness makes it unsuitable for harsh outdoor environments. Proper and regular care measures have to be implemented to use them as outdoor signs. 

How To Clean Brushed Aluminum 

Learning the correct way to clean brushed aluminum signs is a great way to prevent debris and dust accumulation damage. This is especially useful for brushed aluminum signs installed outdoors as they are regularly in contact with all manner of things, from harsh weather to bird droppings. You should ensure to use non-abrasive cleaning pads for the job. Repeated cleaning will avoid the buildup of dirt and grime, otherwise requiring strong cleaning materials that might ruin the signage. 

Cleaning your aluminum sign is pretty simple. For the cleaning solution, you’ll only need slightly soapy water. Avoid any strong detergents and other cleaning solutions to avoid ruining the sign materials. Take a soft cotton towel or any other non-abrasive cleaning pad, deep into the slightly soapy water, and gently wipe as you rinse and repeat. Ensure to get into any hard-to-reach crevices and corners. You can apply metal polish by hand after it dries to restore its glow. Repeat this regularly, and your brushed aluminum signs will always be as elegant and polished as they first were!