One of the main reasons people do not consider cutting the cord is the fear that they will not be able to stream their favorite sports teams. Thanks to most Live TV Streaming Services, you can watch all the major sporting events live online without having to subscribe to cable or satellite.

When cutting the cord first began, sports fans felt left out. The move from big cable TV packages to streaming services resulted in many sports fans staying with traditional pay-TV because their favorite leagues and games were on channels that were not available online, and streaming services only offered a rare game or niche sport. While that is great, but what if you can get live content and have the chance to record it for later watch as well? Wouldn’t that be just perfect? 

With streaming services, you can finally do that. For instance, if you getsubscribe to, say, Optimum cable packages, you will get access to all the sports channels and that too at affordable rates. 

Finding the right sports streaming services now is the challenge. If you are also looking for streaming services that can save money without compromising the fun and entertainment, this is the post you need to read. Check out the following services to watch sport without cable.

Best Streaming Services for Sports in 2022

You can stream everything from football games to soccer matches to UFC fights, no matter what your preferences are. When choosing an app, keep in mind which sports and networks are most important to you.

While some platforms allow viewers to watch specific events, others provide access to many different sports channels. With a variety of budgets in mind, we selected the best streaming services for watching live sports on multiple devices.

  1. Sling TV

The main plans for Sling TV are Blue and Orange. Although some networks are shared by both, their channel selections differ.

Sling Blue is your best option if you want to watch live sports on NBC or Fox networks. Channel availability varies by location, so make sure you check Sling’s website to see if these channels are available in your area. NFL Network is also included in Sling Blue.

Sling Orange drops NBC, Fox, and NFL Network, but instead adds ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3. On ESPN 3, you can watch many of the live sports broadcasts on ABC, including college football games. Combine both plans a month if you want to take advantage of the best of both worlds. You can add Sports Extra to Sling TV for an additional few dollars a month. The channels on the Orange and Blue plans differ, but both offer NBA Network, NHL Network, and MLB Network.

In spite of the extra fee, Sling still turns out to be one of the most affordable ways to watch cable channels with live sports. The only downside is that local CBS and ABC stations are not supported.

  1. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is your best choice if you want live sports and on-demand entertainment in one subscription. Among the top live TV packages available are ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, which are all essential for watching sports. There are over 75 channels available to stream on Hulu + Live TV, including ESPN, NFL Network, and SEC Network.

It does not offer as many add-ons as YouTube TV, but its Sports add-on only costs a few bucks and includes NFL RedZone. Spanish-speaking subscribers also can add the Espa*ol add-on for $5/month to watch ESPN Deportes and FOX Deportes, respectively.

There are a few exceptions to the numerous sports channels offered by Hulu + Live TV. If you want to watch NBA TV or MLB Game of the Week, YouTube TV may be a better alternative.

Members of Hulu + Live TV can access thousands of hours of on-demand entertainment, making it different from other sports streaming services. Hulu’s expansive catalog is a worthwhile supplement to the live TV channels, whether you are planning a movie night or binge-watching a new series.

  1. YouTube TV

As part of YouTube TV’s base package, you get access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN, which all broadcast live sports events. YouTube TV is also one of the only services which include channels such as MLB Network and NBA TV as part of its standard plan.

Sports Plus is an add-on that costs a few extra bucks for subscribers who want even more channels. With this package, you can access Fox College Sports, NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, and more for one week for free. The 4K Plus add-on can also be added for the best video quality. You can stream select ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports content in 4K using this option.

According to an Insider’s review of YouTube TV, its live sports options are its best feature. Furthermore, recording live games is a simple and straightforward process.

  1. FuboTV

Another great streaming service for watching live sports is FuboTV. Depending on your location, you can receive over 100 channels on the Starter plan at an affordable rate. With this package, you will have access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network.

You will even be able to watch colleges sports channels such as Big Ten Network and SEC without requiring an add-on. With the Elite plan, you can get even more channels. With this option, you can receive over 40 channels plus MLB Network, NBA TV, and ESPN U for a little extra money. 

Additionally, you can add Sports Plus if you pay a few more bucks. You already get some channels if you choose the Elite plan, but NFL RedZone is the main attraction.

Spanish-speaking sports fans will enjoy the Latino Quarterly plan. There is also live TV access such as ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, and beIN Sports.

  1. ESPN+

Members of ESPN+ do not have access to the live ESPN channel, but they do get access to a number of live sports and exclusive events. The service primarily streams NHL, MLB, and college football games. 

Major League Soccer fans should also check out ESPN+. Live streaming is available for every out-of-market match. 

The best way to watch UFC is also through ESPN+. UFC Fight Night subscribers get access to every UFC event, and UFC pay-per-view subscribers can pay some money for exclusive access.

ESPN+ members can also watch documentaries like “30 for 30,” original programming, and replays of classic games of football. Unfortunately, the service does not offer live NFL or NBA games.

In spite of the fact that ESPN+ does not feature a free trial, it is included with the Disney Bundle. With this bundle, you can watch ESPN+, Disney Plus, and Hulu ads for just a few more dollars.


There are generations of cable TV viewers who complain about paying for channels they do not want. In addition, most consumers did not have any choice of providers in their area.

Cable-replacement streaming services today address both issues. A half-dozen or so services on the market offer more than one level of service, starting with 33 channels and going up to 140 channels or more. Thus, you are more likely to find content that you enjoy at a price you can afford. It is also easy to switch to another tier or even a different company if you decide to change your mind – no appointment is needed with the cable company or satellite installer.

We hope that the aforementioned streaming services will simplify your lives in 2022.