Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical made from the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the part of marijuana that makes you feel this way. But CBD may also help the body in other ways.

Because of this, companies have separated CBD Gummies for Sex and put it in many products, including ones that help you in the bedroom. Some of the supposed benefits include increasing lubrication and boosting libido.

It is necessary to review how scientists believe CBD functions in the body. Scientists call the whole system inside your body, which is made up of tiny receptors, the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Think of these receptors as locks that CBD, which is the key, can open.

Although cannabidiol (CBD) does not directly “unlock” these receptors, it can trigger a cascade of physiological responses that excite the system. The body responds in several ways through CBD’s indirect effects, such as by reducing inflammation and stopping seizures.

Does CBD help with sexuality in any other way?

New products are coming out to help with the following sexual problems.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

 “Ayurvedic doctors have prescribed Cannabis sativa (the same plant as marijuana and CBD) to patients to enhance ejaculatory function and overall sexual performance.”

CBD could help blood vessels relax and improve blood flow. If the penis receives more blood, erectile dysfunction (ED) is alleviated, and sex lasts longer.

The problem is that doctors haven’t tested CBD’s effects on the penis in a specific way. Even a single dose of CBD could bring down blood pressure. 

Poor lubrication

Adding a lubricant can help people with dryness and painful sex because it can make sex more accessible and less painful. Many companies that make CBD make lubricants that have CBD in them to make sexual pleasure better.

How topical CBD works as a treatment for skin problems. That topical CBD can reduce inflammation, which could make sex more comfortable. But there are no specific studies about CBD and lubrication.

Low sexual desire

Another idea is that cannabis directly affects the brain area that controls sexual desire. A study of people who used cannabis found that it turned on the part of the brain that controls sexual desire. The authors concluded that people with low sex drive might benefit from cannabis.

Is there any reason not to try it?

Most of the time, the side effects of CBD depend on how you use it.

Some people may be allergic to CBD or the oils or fragrances used to make the product work. Some people who use CBD say they get stomachaches, lose their appetite, and feel tired, but these effects are usually mild. There is also the chance of drug interactions.

Even though CBD might help with sex, scientists are worried about how using the cannabis plant might affect fertility. Some of the known effects of CBD 

  • Lowers the amount of follicle-stimulating hormone in both men and women.
  • Reduces a man’s fertility by interfering with average sperm growth and disrupting a woman’s regular menstrual cycle and ovulation

Scientists haven’t looked at how each cannabinoid affects fertility, so it’s hard to say if the problem is CBD, or something else in cannabis. You might ask your doctor if you should worry about using CBD Gummies for Sex or anything else.