Idlis are known to be rich in both protein and fibre. The food keeps one satiated for a longer time and prevents one from consuming additional food. Moreover, fibre helps in good digestion which is one of the essential keys when it comes to losing weight.

You can also buy organic idli rice online which would make your meal more healthy and nutritional. Some people prefer eating oats idli which is an epitome of fibre and good quality protein.

Different varieties of idli rice are available at Healthy Buddha an organic grocery Bangalore. The puffy, steamy, very easy to digest and one of the famous South Indian dishes are loved by every Indian because apart from its delicious taste it is very beneficial for health and losing weight.

Here are 7 reasons on how idli helps in losing weight –

#1. Low in Calories

Idlis are usually steamed and their calorie percentage is very low. The one’s who are stressed about the excessive rice content present in their idly can easily switch the ingredients such as veggies and pulses to make their idli batter more healthy and nutritious.

#2. Good for digestion

One of the best features of South Indian foods is that they can be digested easily. The main secret lies in the process of fermentation, because of which it is easy to digest and satisfies our appetite.

Through the process of fermentation, the minerals and vitamins present in the body are easily broken down as a result promotes easy direction.

#3. Keeps your appetite satisfied for a longer period

Since idli is rich in both protein and fibre it keeps one full for a longer period. Meanwhile, it prevents overeating. Which ultimately plays a key role in losing weight.

#4. The high content of fibre

The high content of fibre present in idli helps in easy digestion as soon as one consumes it. Therefore, promoting weight loss.

#5. Controls Carb

The abundant use of lentils in idli makes the food very rich in iron contents. According to health experts, daily consumption of idli can help to fulfil the requirement of iron which is around 18 milligrams for women and 8 milligrams for men.

#6. Devoid of oil

Idlis are steamed and not fried. They don’t contain any fattening oil or butter in them. This is one of the reasons behind the low-calorie content in idli since it is made without oil.

Some people increase the ratio of Rava or urad dal in their idli batter since idlis are very high in carbs because they are made from rice. And the addition of Rava or urad can balance that.

The addition of freshly chopped vegetables in the idli batter can make your idli more healthy and delicious.

#7. Sambhar and weight loss

Sambhar constitutes higher fibre protein along with antioxidants. It also enhances digestion and hence aids in losing weight. For maximising the benefits of weight loss it is recommended to add more and more vegetables apart from the general ones which are added in sambhar.

What is the nutritional value of idli?

Each plain idli constitutes 8 grams of carbohydrates, 39 calories, 2 grams of dietary fibre along with 2 grams of protein with no fat. Through the process of fermentation, the bioavailability of different nutrients such as Vitamin K, folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, biotin as well as niacin can be increased. It also increases anti-carcinogenic and antibiotic substances. Buy organic cereal online from the best organic store in Bangalore.


Health experts recommend adding some citrus juice to your idli batter to prevent carbs from getting deposited in your body. The addition of oats to the idli batter can make the meal more healthy. 

The consumption of idli gives a sense of satiety because it’s rich in both protein and fibre. Although idli works wonders for losing weight you should not eat it thrice a day.

Since it saturates our taste as well as can cause a lack of presence of certain nutrients. Since we should follow a balanced diet with various items which offer different types of nutrients.

Idli is ideal for breakfast. It fills the appetite by keeping your stomach light. They don’t make one lethargic. Hence, the advantages of consuming idli are in multitudes.