Online classes have become the primary source of education during the lockdown. Things have changed since 2020, and the world went through a physical lockdown globally because of the pandemic. The pandemic has changed our views and concept of learning. Students and teachers went through a phase of change because of this. The students were not able to adjust to the new teaching method.

Teachers were having trouble using the new technology. It affected all over the education process. According to Top Essay Writing UK teachers were not able to use the gadgets effectively. Technical problems such as internet connection, audio/video distortion, and low connectivity made things worse.


There is a lot of speculation going on this topic. There are two diverse opinions on this. One of the groups believes that online education is the needed approach. The world is undergoing a strategic formulation.

The problem is that the curriculum that we urge to teach the students is for physical learning. It becomes easier for students to deal with things if they are acquainted with the system. It was not the case with online learning. Students had a hard time adjusting to this system. I faced a lot of trouble when I tried to take my class.

There was resentment against e-learning. People were not ready to learn online. There are various factors behind this. The technological facilities are not up to par. According to statistics, more than 40% of people do not have the required quality internet. 55% of people do not have the means to learn online in general. 


How can we expect online learning to be effective with these numbers? Students are not able to learn effectively because of this. There is a lot of distortion or disturbance in the class sessions. An alternative to this problem is to record lectures. However, teachers do not have the technical expertise for this. Slow internet is also a hurdle in this even if teachers do learn how to do it.

There are several other reasons for people believing that they cannot learn properly. However, the situation is like a two-sided sword and has its pros as well. There is a large population that believes that learning online is the only way out in the current scenario.

Social distancing is a social obligation due to the coronavirus, and people cannot interact with others. They cannot have any physical contact as maintaining these standards in schools, and educational institutes becomes a fuss. Younger children cannot follow these SOPs issued by the governments.

 It increases the risk of contamination. The best way to deal with the situation is to impose a lockdown and take classes online. Online learning may not be as effective as traditional learning, but it is a need of the hour. Million have died due to the virus, and the number will continue to increase if we do not take preventive measures seriously. 

We must prioritize life over the rest of things. I would not be able to take my class if we were not studying online. Despite which of these opinions you agree with, there is another aspect of online learning which is debatable.


Online classes have made it very easy for students to cheat on exams. Students can easily do their exams through unfair means despite digital monitoring. The software can track the IP addresses of the students and view them via video call. Finding loopholes in both these things is not an issue. Online VPNs are the easiest way out of this. So all comes down to the debate if it is morally correct or incorrect.

It is not a tough decision to make if you think logically. Students use unfair sources to ace their tests. These sources include online material, books, articles, etc. It allows students to get answers to questions they haven’t prepared for in the exam. It is a moral violation of student conduct.

Logically speaking, it is not acceptable for students to cheat during their exams.


 Students need to realize that the purpose of exams is to evaluate the student’s learning. Students usually make others take their classes or cheat on exams. Teachers tend to prioritize grades over quality. It makes students go for the wrong methods. Seeing students do these things makes it harder for me to take my class.


Online learning is not an effective teaching method on average. Students are not able to learn, and they cannot attempt the exams either. However, they are stuck with the exams, so they ask others to take their classes for them. Several online websites provide assistance and exam help. The websites have experts on their panel that take your classes for you. They attend your classes, answer questions during lectures, and do other necessary tasks. 

It makes it easier for students to ace their courses without taking the classes. These experts also highlight events and instructions from the teacher to their clients. This way, the client has a clear idea of what is going on in the class. I wish I could take my class like this too.


These kinds of online services are used mostly by students that work or who have extra responsibilities. These responsibilities can be domestic or personal. The services allow students to take classes without investing much time in the whole process. It is an effective way of getting your degree without worrying about the lessons. Students can easily follow the tips and tricks that the website agent learns from the sessions and ace exams. These services as per Law Essay Writing also provide online exam help. It takes the feasibility of exams to the next level. Many students have received their degrees without attending classes in the lockdown. Online courses have added fuel to this fire as students do not have to go physically. Any of the experts from the websites can take classes for students. I was considering these websites to take my class but have now changed my mind.