Individual Retirement Accounts is a savings account that individuals can open to save and invest in the long term but gets to have tax advantages. 

However, your savings and investments do not have to be in monetary forms only, stocks, bonds, Augusta precious metals like gold assets, and so on. 

Although, there is a limit to the amount you can save up in a year in that account and the Internal revenue service regulates it.

There are different types of IRA such as traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, and Simple IRA. A gold IRA is an IRA whose major allocations are physical gold. 

Regardless of the amount of physical gold in an individual retirement account, it still qualifies as a gold IRA. 

In essence, an IRA would pass for a gold IRA if a percentage of its value is physical gold, no matter how little it is.

What Is The Point Of A Gold IRA?

Just like any other individual retirement account, a gold IRA also offers special benefits for the owners. 

On your contributions to traditional IRAs, taxes are deducted, but your earnings on your savings in that account are tax free, whereas your withdrawals when you retire are also taxed as regular income. 

While for Roth IRA, you pay your contributions with the tax upfront, so your earnings and withdrawals are free from taxes upon retirement.

Ordinarily, when one holds gold or any precious metal for a long time and decides to sell off later, there is a great tendency that he would be required to pay taxes on what he sells, which might be quite huge.

But if he saves his gold in an IRA, then he can also enjoy the tax-free benefits that IRAs offer. Interestingly, you are not limited to having only gold in your portfolio but other sorts of investments are welcome, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.

Is Putting Gold In An IRA Worth It?

Gold has been viewed as an industrial asset that has an outrageous demand because of its value and its metallic properties.

Moreso, it is a great disaster hedge that rises in value when other investments, like stock values, plummet. 

It is always a great contingency plan for investors, in that they benefit from their gold assets when there is inflation and they are losing on other investments.

However, the value of gold increases due to long-term inflation and uncertainty risks. Also, it does not pay any dividends, nor do you earn anything on it while it lies there in your IRA, which means that you are not necessarily enjoying the tax-free benefits of an IRA. 

Gold, being a lover of stability and an asset that does not fluctuate, equates to a relatively slow rate at which it increases in value.

Judging from these facts, experts advise that you include physical gold in your individual retirement account, but it should be only a small percentage of your savings/investments.

In that wise, you can include diversifications in your IRA for greater earning opportunities and risk management.

Hence, I will conclude that putting gold in your individual retirement account is worth it if it makes up just a small percentage of your entire savings/investments. 

When you diversify, you have other sources of earnings and you would have improved risk management with the amount of gold you have in case things go bad.