IVR Dubbing is a voice-overs technique that uses recorded sounds (also known as IVR) to speak over someone else’s voice. The concept of IVR is relatively simple; by using a computer program called Voice impersonation, which can be downloaded from a website, the caller simply needs to speak into a microphone. In this way, the person answering the phone will hear only the words spoken by the caller. This is an extremely useful IVR technique for telemarketing, answering services, and so on dy-namic.

In Telemarketing, IVR Dubbing Is Particularly Useful

When you want to emphasize one of your lines. For example, if you have a customer who is enquiring about your company’s products and services, you can run an ad or set up a sign-up sheet with a series of questionnaires. If the caller is interested in one of your answers, he will be encouraged to enter in his required information. IVR Dubbing then creates a preview of the desired response; the IVR will then play it back as the phone traffic plays out over the IVR.

IVR Dubbing is used in conjunction with other data and voice-overs options in IVR systems to enhance communication. Many companies now use IVR narrations and voiceovers to make their call centers more engaging. IVR narrations and voiceovers not only increase the level of interaction with clients but also help in increasing the retention levels of those customers. A good IVR system will enable your agents to make any number of calls; and these calls can come to them spontaneously, automatically, or via the use of pre-recorded business messages. IVR narrations and voiceovers can even be used to interact with clients.

With this additional interaction, you are giving your clients the impression that they are being treated like adults when they have been. This is extremely useful when you are handling sales calls, and especially during busy times. It allows you to keep your agents motivated, focused, and on task.

IVR Dubbing Enables Your IVR to Record Both the Verbal

And non-verbal communication of the phone traffic and you can then use these recorded phone calls to construct rich communications features.

IVR Dubbing also gives your business the ability to make customized cut-out voices that suit your specific business needs. It is possible to have the software generate a number of voiceovers based on different characteristics of the caller. The most common IVR Dubbing characteristics are based on gender and age. This way, your IVR system will be able to target your business phone calls towards those segments of the population that are more likely to be interested in what you are advertising.

IVR Dubbing Does Not Just Benefit the Business That Uses It

IVR Dubbing also has benefits for the telephone company, because it increases their revenue by reducing the amount of non-productive phone traffic. In essence, IVR Dubbing allows the telephone company to advertise their services in a more efficient and effective manner, as opposed to the more traditional methods used in the past. As well, IVR Dubbing helps to build customer retention and rapport with your customers, as clients will feel more at ease calling on your IVR system when it is supported by a professional, knowledgeable agent.

IVR Dubbing is very easy to incorporate with your current IVR system

You should first speak to your IVR system vendor about the necessary software upgrades required to have IVR Dubbing running on your existing hardware. If you are not comfortable installing the IVR Dubbing software yourself, the vendor will usually be happy to assist you with this. IVR Dubbing installation is quick and easy, and you should find the whole process to be quite straightforward. Once installed, you’ll be able to immediately start using IVR to record your new, improved calls.

IVR Dubbing provides a cost-effective way of advertising your products and services. IVR Dubbing is simple to use and can be used by virtually anyone. The increased efficiency of IVR will lead to higher levels of client satisfaction and a boost in your business profits.