Smiling infant baby boy playing with a wooden mobile suspended above the crib. Happy child playing in bed with toys

Winter is almost around the corner and everybody has started to feel the chill weather. baby winter blanket uk Though it’s enjoyable for adults who easily make themselves comfortable with hot chocolate and warm clothes, keeping a baby warm comes to a challenge in this weather.

When you put your baby down to bed, you’d want to wrap them up in layers of clothes or blanket and snuggle them inside them for a good cozy sleep. PS. In order to guarantee a nice and peaceful rest for the baby, make sure you feed him or her with quality nutrition, to keep the energy levels high for extended time. But too many layers can lead to overheating of your baby’s body because it causes the temperature to increase. Overheating is also said to be one of the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

To make sure your baby feels the most comfortable during winter, follow these tips below and ensure your baby stays snuggled and happy.

Room Temperature

Room temperatures for babies should range between 16-20°, with 18° being the ideal range. Even a light-clothed adult would feel comfortable in this environment, but the best way to be sure is to use a room thermometer.

Baby’s Clothing

The thought of winter usually makes parents want to hibernate. But keeping a baby warm in winter requires some creative thinking. Babies grow fastest in winter, so of course, keeping a baby warm in winter is most important. They also sleep more in winter, so keeping their body temperature up is important.

A baby’s skin is thin, and their body fat is minimal, so to keep a baby warm in winter, you need to bundle them up. You can dress your baby in cotton all-in-one with feet attached to keep their toes warm. Some sleepsuits also come with foldover mittens, which can be very helpful during colder nights.

You might consider putting a vest underneath your baby’s crib if his room is at the colder end of the scale. When changing nappies, look for clothes with a limited amount of skin exposed and are easy to change in case an accident occurs.


To keep your baby warm in bed, you can use a fitted cotton sheet and layers of cotton baby blankets in the UK. You can add or remove layers of blankets depending on if your baby is too hot or too cold. On the other hand, you may choose to buy a sleeping bag or sleep-sack for your baby.

No matter how wriggly or squirmy a baby might be in bed, these will keep them covered. Babies who prefer not to be swaddled will benefit from them since their arms can stick out, unrestricted. It’s recommended to use bags with a 2.5 tog rating, but you can get thicker ones for very cold rooms.

Thing To Be Careful About

To avoid the risk of overheating your baby, be careful about the following things:

  • Do not cover your baby’s head with a hat or another item since babies lose excess heat through their heads.
  • Avoid using duvets because they tend to be stuffy and hard to be removed by a baby from its face.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep near a heat source such as a heater during winters as it can lead to nasty burns and resultant overheating.