When shopping for a semi-truck, it’s important to thoroughly compare the different manufacturers and the various models that they provide. While the market for semi-trucks has far fewer manufacturers than the market for consumer vehicles, there are still several semi-truck manufacturers that you should consider. This article will break down the differences between 2 of them—Kenworth and Freightliner—so you can make an informed decision about which one might be right for you.

Onboard Technology

Like other vehicles, semi-trucks are making strides into the future with the kind of onboard technology they provide in the truck cab. Few manufacturers do this better than Kenworth. Many of their models boast preinstalled management software that allows drivers to keep tabs on fuel usage, time until your next service, and so on. They’re also sleek and aerodynamic, giving them a look that’s as futuristic as the tech inside the cab.

Safety Features

Freightliner has made great improvements in its safety features in recent years. Many of their models now have adaptive cruise control, active brake assist, lane departure warning, and side object detection. This makes the trucks safer not only for the driver, but for anyone on the road with them. Similarly, Kenworth has a radar-based safety system of its own, which includes cruise control, collision preventing, and forward collision warnings.

Gas Mileage

It’s no secret that semis use a lot of gas; with their size, there’s simply no way around that fact. However, most truckers still want to get as many miles per gallon as they can to help save on fuel costs. Not many manufacturers do fuel efficiency better than Freightliner. Their Cascadia model can get 10 miles to the gallon. While this might seem miniscule when compared to a commuter car, note that the Kenworth T680 (a comparable model to the Cascadia) gets just over 7.5 miles per gallon.

Some of Freightliner’s trucks also offer alternative fuel options, such as natural gas. This can help to conserve fuel as well as reducing the truck’s overall carbon footprint.

Cost of Maintenance

Long-term cost of ownership is an important thing to consider when buying a semi. Because Kenworth trucks are so technologically advanced, their maintenance costs can be quite high. However, that onboard system can allow you to detect and diagnose issues quickly, so you can get them fixed before they snowball into bigger, more expensive issues.

Freightliners are known for being sturdy, long-lasting vehicles that require little maintenance. Their durability makes them very popular for second hand buyers, which is why there’s such a big market for used Freightliner trucks for sale.