Whether you believe it or not, a valid secret to a perfect campfire cooking experience does not always start with secret recipes or great equipment but simply relies on building a stable campfire. Well, we meant having the most right stringybark firewood. So, let’s know more about choosing the right wood logs for your next campfire day. 

So How Good and Clean Firewood Seems Like? 

Well, the more dry the firewood is, the better it is. Ethically mentioning, wood logs are full of small tubes that carry water from the roots via the trunk to the branches and stems. The surprising fact is that they can hold water for weeks in there, sometimes even months after the logs are cut off. 

Bear in mind that any firewood for sale in the market comes in a moisture green colour; it won’t light to its actual potential. Eventually, fire energy may have to refocus on drying the wood first. Hence more heat is wasted, and even the output heat is also pretty much less. Also, greenwood produces more fumes and smoke as it burns more and more, acting as a stronger air pollutant. 

Locating Natural Hardwood Logs for Sale 

Whenever looking for firewood in regions like Sydney, availability is going to make a huge difference. This is because every area will have different log types available in their stock as per the season. So the only key factor in getting your hands on some dry and quality firewood is to look for its colour, age, and density. 

Talking about different Australian regions, then every state holds a different variety. For instance, Wandoo and Jarrah are some of the favoured options in Western Australia. At the same time, brown peppermint in Tasmania and Box and Ironbark in Queensland are amongst the best selling logs. Talking about southern Australian regions like NSW and Victoria, river red gum is highly favoured by locals. 

We cannot deny that knowing more and more about these different spices is actually like a tiny adventure. With this, you also need to know for what purpose you want to go for a campfire. Is it just for enjoying some hot cocoa alongside the cosiness or cook a full fledged pot meal? River red gum eco wood has been an excellent type with a perfect flame output and burning rate and less ash generation. Other variants like stringybark firewood and Turpentine are also highly ideal for cooking and camping. 

Try Out and Decide What Works the Best for You

We have to say that the whole process of finding the best quality firewood for sale is typically challenging, yet not impossible. Experts recommend trying and testing wood logs available locally in their area and deciding what type works best for their campfire purpose. You can also research some of the readily available species in your area by contacting a reliable firewood supplier. 

What else you need to know is that not every legal authority of the council, parks, shires, and campgrounds in Sydney and the rest of Australia allow individuals to collect wood. The authorities have prohibited this as the wildlife habitat and native vegetation gets disrupted. 

Choosing Quality Hardwood Logs for Sale

  • Try chopping the firewood to a particular size that easily fits within the fireplace. 
  • Always get a feel for how dense the hardwood is. 
  • Make sure it doesn’t hold any moisture and burns easily. 
  • Find some dark grey coloured varieties as it signifies they are dried and aged well. 
  • Try knocking logs together. If you get to hear a hollow sound and cracked ends, the wood is dry enough. 
  • And guess what is more surprising and working? Always buy stringybark firewood as it is a perfect indication that it is dried well. 
  • Popular categories for hardwood are Birch, Ash, Teak, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut.