Business owners typically use digital signage for marketing campaigns, with the end goal to convert viewers into customers. If your digital signage content has not yielded the desired results yet, it’s probably time to upgrade your marketing tactics.

Good-looking digital signage attracts viewers’ attention and possibly increases your conversion rate. 80% of grocers under a Nielsen study recorded at least a 33% sales increase from using digital signage solutions.

These effective digital signage secrets will make for awesome digital signs and provide the springboard to achieving your marketing goals.

1. Craft a Powerful Message

A powerful message touches on your viewer’s pain points. How you propose to solve the pain points will compel them to pay attention to your digital content.

As is said, content is king, so what you share on your digital signage screen matters. To craft an impactful message that will increase your customers’ engagement, do the following:

a) Tell a Story

Every brand should publish a message that has a story relatable to an audience. Tell your audience a relevant, memorable, and insightful story in an image, short video, graphic design, or sound effect.

b) Keep it Succinct 

Your message should be short, easy to understand, and with a readability speed of 8 seconds. If your audience fails to get your message with that short span, you have not achieved your marketing goal.

c) Add a Call-To-Action at the End

A message without a call-to-action is like sending your audience to a foreign location without a map – they will get lost. Use actionable catchphrases to guide your audience on what you expect them to do next, improving interactivity.

2. Choose Your Color Theme Wisely

Whatever color theme you settle on should match the overall messaging that you send out across all platforms. A poor color theme choice may send the wrong message or fail to communicate your original intentions.

Some of the secrets behind choosing a suitable color theme include:

  • Picking analogous colors that blend with your brand and spark your target audience’s interest.
  • Use contrasting colors to highlight your main message.
  • Leave empty spaces in your digital signage to avoid cluttering content.
  • Horizontally split your digital signage display with contrasting colors when sharing different ideas.

3. Come Up With the Right Lettering

The right lettering during content creation improves your customers’ experience. The best typeface is visible from a distance that even motorists can read when whizzing by. To achieve this, consider:

i) Using the Correct Typeface

Capitalize letters of your primary words, but don’t use block letters. Adjust the settings in digital signage software to use larger fonts for displays mounted on billboards. Use medium-sized fonts for video walls, waiting rooms, and digital menu boards in quick-service restaurants (QSR).

It’s okay to use smaller fonts in kiosks and small screen LCDs as these will be close to customers’ eyes.

ii) Writing Numbers in Numeric

Numbers make your copy stand out. If you share information such as prices and facts, write the digits in numeric.

iii) Odd Numbers

Your audience will likely view content containing odd numbers in the headline. Use odd numbers in your digital signage’s copy to grab your viewers’ attention.

iv) Excluding Brand Names

Including your brand name in the headline is a turn-off to most viewers. Instead, share the message first to grab their attention, then include your brand in your call-to-action at the end.

4. Mind the Layout

Picking and designing suitable graphics is quite challenging. Fortunately, some apps have preloaded design templates. Whichever design you select, ensure it meets the following requirements: 

  • Provide wayfinding clues using digital signs or call-to-action such as your social media handles, contacts, and website.
  • Put your key content on the right and other details, such as images on the left side. You can use a reversed F- pattern in countries that read content from right to left.
  • Use the rule of the thirds to place key content where the lines interconnect.

5. Add Motion Effects

Excellent motion effects will keep your audience glued on your digital signage and reduce their wait times. Don’t skimp out on this–go for commercial grade effects as mediocrity is a turn-off.

To spice it up, use media players or other content management systems to churn out exciting content sequentially. Pick a thematic sound effect that blends well with your intended message from your playlist.

Great motion effects with proper sound effects tell the story behind your message concisely.

Summing Up – The Secrets of Amazing Digital Signage Looks

Your digital signage will be more impactful if it is eye-catching and addresses your viewers’ pain points. The only way to achieve this is to make your idea stand out by being creative, concise, and minimalist.

It is vastly easier to make your digital signage look extraordinary by using the correct lettering, appealing motion effects, and a suitable display layout garnishing a base of powerful messaging.