If you are a frequent user of online entertainment and services, surely you are no stranger to the KUBET brand – Asia’s No. 1 Bookmaker, one of the most reputable online betting websites in recent times. current point.

What is KUBET?

KUBET with the short name that gamers often call KU or Ku casino, is headquartered in the Philippines.

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), is a Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which is the governing body of betting games, and casinos with legal license to operate all bookmakers operating in the Philippines and KUBET. is one of the licensed bookmakers. Established through Presidential Decree 1869. PAGCOR is the Philippines’ largest revenue contributor to the government after the Internal Revenue Service and the Customs Department.

When participating in games at KU, you will have the most authentic and vivid experiences. It’s as if you were at a big casino in Macau or Las Vegas.

It is this exciting feeling that the number of players participating in KU is increasing day by day. Helping KU grow stronger and more prestigious. In addition, the information security system is extremely high, helping players to be safe and not have their accounts hacked.

The impregnable development of the house KU

According to the latest statistics, the number of online searches about KUBET in 2020 increased continuously month by month. By the end of November 2020, KU searches had reached 823,000. Compared to competitors in the same territory, this is a far superior number.

The number of visitors and new account registrations has also increased exponentially.

Among hundreds of bookies present in the online betting and gaming market today, why is KU so trusted and chosen? Where does this house’s success come from?

KU – the updated version of THA

If you take the time to learn a little bit, you will know that KU is an upgraded bookie from the famous previous version, Thien Ha Bet.

With the predecessor as a leading reputable bookmaker in Vietnam in particular and the Asian region in general during the past 10 years, it is not surprising that KU has outperformed its peers in the same area as so.

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The advantage with members who have played at Thien Ha Bet continues to be loyal to KU, helping KU have a certain number of players available.

In addition, being licensed by a Philippine corporation to help KU have a solid and reliable foothold. New players have more confidence in the reputation of a bookie that is openly operating abroad. free spins at newcasinos-au.com.

Outstanding advantages of KUBET

Any bookie has its advantages and so do we. Below are the strengths of KUBET that have received positive feedback from players.

Variety of games

At KU, you will find all the latest games if you want. KU updates every game, and every form for you to choose from.

Sports Betting

• At KU, there are all sports betting games that you need, which highlights such as: Betting on football, football, rugby, tennis betting, etc.

• The game halls you can choose to join include Sports KU, Sports JZ, Sports Saba, Sports AG, and Sports CMD.

• In addition, the odds at KU are always higher than those of other bookies, which means that with the same outcome, you will receive more bonuses when playing at KU.

• You will get the schedule of all sports, as well as all tournaments, odds, odds, everything is public.

Live casino

• The games must be mentioned such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Fantan, Sicbo, … and many other attractive games.

• The game halls you can join are Ku casino, AG casino, DG casino, AES casino, WM Casino, Bbin casino, SA casino, and GPI casino.

• The interaction between players in addition to Streamers, group members can chat with each other to directly exchange and share interesting information.

• The corner of the screen displays the chat window, people talk to each other as a form of entertainment between people with the same interests and hobbies.


The playing hall that is the KU lottery, Bbin.

The number of lottery games is outstanding, you can freely choose and change to suit your preferences. This includes 3-region lotteries, Live Bet, Lotto Bet, Mega 6/45 Bet, 1-M BCT, Keno, or regional lotteries such as Taiwan, Philippines, etc.

Every day, at KU, there will be sharing from experts on the lottery for your reference. The experts will read you the Bach Thu Lo, and Song Thu Lo, and guide you to look at the bridge that day correctly.

Cao thủ chia sẻ bí quyết chơi xóc đĩa Kubet chắc thắng 100%

Add to that the detailed list of psychic mysteries that help you get a number for yourself if you have a good dream that day.

On KU’s homepage, there are full lottery results of all 3 regions of North – Central – South, with all information about lotteries, lots, and lots for your reference.

Along with that, there are many other types of online games that you love such as Exploding 3D Slot Game, and Sports Betting. electronics, Shooting fish, attractive card games, …

KU’s payout percentage is always higher than other bookies in the area, so you will get more benefits when you join KU.

Quality game service

• The number of games is many and varied, and there is nothing better than top-notch game quality.

• Beautiful interface, easy players to join, clear images with modern design are all requirements of players, and it is fully met in the KUBET house.

• Received extremely thorough investment in computer graphics from the best design experts. The character images in KU games are always more attractive than in other places because of the beautiful and lifelike character creation.

• Because of cooperation with the biggest game providers, the games available at KU are always the best. You will get the richest game experience ever.

Customer care support service

• With a reputable bookie, having customers is important, but retaining customers is even more important.

• Because of the motto “Make everyone involved is satisfied”. KU is ready to invest in a professional, well-trained customer care team to serve you in the best way.

• Any problem arising from the time you register until the time you play, no matter what it is, when it arises, will be resolved quickly and efficiently by KU staff.

Fast deposit and withdrawal speed

With a wide and strong association, the partner of most banks in Vietnam, it is only a matter of time before you deposit or withdraw your bonus.

After only a few seconds, sometimes it will be a few minutes and a few simple verification steps, you can transfer money from the network operator to your account or vice versa, top-up from your bank account to your playing account on KU. to continue the unfinished game.

Safety and Confidentiality

• With the strong support from the Philippine corporation, you can rest assured when participating in betting at KU. The security of your account as well as your personal information is absolute.

• With an extremely strong firewall security system, will prevent any hacker who intends to infiltrate KU’s information data network. Therefore, your identity will be optimally protected.

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Thus, when you choose the bookie KU, you know for sure that you will receive the best customer policy.

Moreover, all betting information and odds are public and transparent. The player and the dealer have absolutely no other ambiguity.

The legality of the KUBET bookie

You must understand that the kubet bookie is the number 1 bookie in Asia, a licensed bookmaker operating in the field of legal online betting services, paying taxes, and all information is transparent.

When you participate in betting at KUBET, you can rest assured that you will never be involved in the law or trouble related to the law.

High applicability

To meet all participants’ needs and playing conditions, KUBET can support you on any phone interface from Android to iOS. No matter what device you play with, no matter how the interface is, the KU application is still smooth.


At KU, there is a prominent feature, which is the refund for members.

• This amount will be returned to the participating member according to the amount of bet they have made before.

• Specifically, members are divided into 5 levels with 5 different bet levels. 5 bet levels from low to high are silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP.

• When participating in JZ casino or JZ sports, the cashback amount is 0.6% respectively; 0.7%; 0.8%; 0.9% and 1%.

• When participating at the Slot Machine, the refund amount will be 0.8%; 0.9%; first%; 1.2%, and 1.3%.

The refund policy at KUBET bookie

Cashback is another advantage of the KUBET bookie. Page is one of the bookies with the highest payout ratio today, moreover, the refund will be added as soon as your bet is settled, no waiting. The more you bet…

Golden knowledge when participating in KU CASINO

KU CASINO is another name for KUBET. Is one of the addresses for playing online betting games developed by Thien Ha Casino (THA).

Play online betting at Kubet casino responsibly

Why play responsible online betting, when you join the KUBET house. We hope you will play with the most comfortable mentality, with your own allowed capital. Players should not borrow or mortgage assets to invest in betting.

Reasonable game selection, easy to play

Not every game is right for you, because each game has its appeal that is suitable for each individual. Choose games that are strengths and interests to invest in at KUBET. This will help you bet with the highest win rate, providing the best source of income.

Learn the rules of the game, how to bet

When you have chosen KUBET as a place to both entertain and earn income, you must grasp and comply with the following criteria:

• Read the rules of the game carefully

• Learn how to bet

• Check out the tips from the predecessors or the articles of KUBET

• Make bets on the right way specified time

Learn from Kubet ‘s expert 

Those who have gone before or participated in KUBET will help you gain more information as well as playing experience, which is the golden key to success here.

Know how to manage your capital optimally

Identify your strengths, and use the capital comfortably without financial pressure. Playing with the attitude of not being weighed down by “rice and money”, you will surely recognize the game and make better decisions.


Determine which game to bet how much to satisfy, which game should be strong and light, then you have gradually become a veteran bettor.

Frequently asked questions when betting on Kubet Casino

🔸 What is the maintenance schedule for KUBET?

Every time KUBET has a maintenance schedule, KUBET77 will immediately update the specific schedule

🔸 How many Kubet casino accounts can each person create?

By default, each individual can only register 1 account to maintain fairness and avoid fraud and illegal profits.

The Kubet bookie wants you to pay attention to this, if you violate the policies, and intentionally cheat, your account will be locked immediately.

KUBET is always aiming for a healthy playing field.

🔸 What is the best device to play games on Kubet on?

KUBET’s technical team is always upgrading to bring the best experience for you, from the smooth to professional interface of the game.

Of course, whether you play a KUBET game on a computer or phone platform, you can experience all the features, you just need a Smartphone, WIFI, 3G, 4G network, and you can easily play anywhere…

🔸 My account is locked, what should I do?

When you just created an account, surely everyone will encounter a case of being locked out of the deposit function. For this reason, KUBET has an article to help you understand more: https://kubet77.win/

🔸 What levels does the membership account include?

Currently, the hierarchy of KU CASINO members includes 5 bets from low to high: silver, gold, platinum, diamond, VIP… The more you play, the more you will upgrade your account. Faster, get more offers.

🔸 Is it fast to withdraw winnings from Kubet?

When playing, the deposit – withdrawal will happen often, do not think when participating at KUBET CASINO will only be one-way fast loading and slow withdrawal. Please tell me, the speed of withdrawing money to the bank is very fast. Just a few steps, and wait a few more minutes, the money will be right away.

🔸 Why is it necessary to provide a passport, ID card, or driver’s license?

By providing the above information, you can rest assured that we do not use it for other personal purposes except to handle account violations, like the content we have given above in case of fraud. If you cheat, you will be handled and your account will be temporarily locked.

Don’t worry too much, when a temporary lock occurs but your account is valid, just send a request. After review, it will reopen immediately.

🔸 What if I do not receive the confirmation code of Kubet Casino?

Creating an account above is very easy, but many times the impact of the connection will cause the authentication code (OTP) not to be received. You check whether the phone is turned off the WIFI network, or not connected to 3G, or 4G.

If after many times of registration, there is still an error, you can go to the kubet contact page, get the number of our customer service department immediately.

🔸 Are the predictions and bets on Kubet accurate?

https://kubet77.win/ is a site specializing in judgments and surveys, every day we send you beautiful lottery numbers to make it easier to hit, of course, in addition to referring to the article, you should also apply your own experience to it…

🔸 KUBET Scam?

As a No. 1 brand in the Asian market today, players can rest assured. So the information about the Kubet scam is just fabricated, or it’s just bad games from KUBET’s competitors!

Negative rumors like “Scam Kubet” or “Unreliable Kubet” are completely fabricated. Those are just bad competitive tricks of the opponent.