Let’s be honest with each other. We’ve all had those big dreams of becoming a star and living it up in big cities like Los Angeles. 

For most of us, those dreams don’t come true. But when you get to make it to the lights of LA, at some point, you’ll end up in the party scene.

Having fun isn’t a bad thing. Taking it to the extreme, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous.

From drugs to fights and beyond, there is a lot to be on the lookout for when you’re in the City of Angels. If you can make it through the party scene and come out mostly unharmed, you’ll enjoy living in the real world of LA. 

Be careful, and watch out for these common pitfalls that turn dreams into nightmares.

1. The Underground Party

It sounds impressive. You get an invitation to an exclusive party—so exclusive that it’s held in buildings where the public can’t hang out.

LA’s underground party scene isn’t as secretive as it sounds. Law enforcement agencies know they’re around, but as soon as one is shut down, another opens somewhere else.

The problem with these parties is that they’re usually at an unlicensed venue, such as a warehouse, where your safety is at stake. They’re not regulated, so the crowds can get wild. There’s no limit on how many people attend, making an emergency exit close to impossible.

The same characteristics that tempted you to go in the first place are why it’s not a good idea to attend. 

Although it sounds incredible to find a place that caters to sub-cultures where you feel like you fit in, your safety is in your own hands. The chances of being attacked, mugged, injured, or worse increase in the underground party scene.

2. Drugs and Alcohol Run the Scene

By now, you’ve seen countless movies about the drug scene in Hollywood. The stereotype that celebrities use hard drugs like they’re aspirin and alcohol is a staple in every meal isn’t too far off the mark.

At some point in your time in the city, you’re going to be invited to try a drug or have a drink. The other person will make it seem like it’s not a big deal, and to them, it might not be. To you, though, it could be the start of a downward spiral you weren’t expecting.

Even if you have tried drugs before, how you’ll react is never predictable. It could be a “one and done” situation, or you might become addicted to your next fix and end up overdosing or in a rehab facility

The popular thing to do would be to go along with it and try whatever is put in front of you. Be unpopular. Just say no to drugs and alcohol so you can live a healthy, long life.

3. The Sex Scene

Drugs and rock ‘n roll wouldn’t be complete without a warning about the sex scene in LA. You’ll find dozens of clubs that cater to every lifestyle. What they don’t all take into consideration is the safety of the guests there.

Because you’re in a club that is known for risqué business, expect to have some unwanted advances thrown your way. Some venues will step in and handle the situation if you ask or look uncomfortable. Others, however, won’t interfere at all.

Human Trafficking

LA County is also known for the sex trafficking crimes that run rampant there. The reports of human trafficking have increased since the pandemic, although authorities have established programs designed to stop the problem.

Since Southern California’s border is so closely tied with Mexico, it’s easy for cartels to target their victims and tunnel them out of the country. Nearly 800,000 adults and 200,000 children are victims of trafficking in Mexico each year, with most of the numbers coming from California.

Innocent people looking to make their dreams come true are easy pickings for schooled traffickers. They post online or advertise in print that they’re looking for actors or models, and then the potential victim meets them and is abducted. 

They also find their targets at party scenes, where the confusion and drug and alcohol haze make it a piece of cake to snatch a person and run.


When you head to LA, the lights can be blinding. The party scene, with all the big names and potential connections, is attractive. 

Both of these things are also potentially deadly. Keep your head on straight and watch out for the sex, drugs, and nightlife, and you might turn your dream into a reality.