Productivity is the key to office furniture as is the compact finish. Both of these can be easily achieved with the right combination of furniture. The word office furniture constantly flashes pictures of desks and chairs along with the huge expense that comes with it. However, it need not always be the case.

A good office is one that enhances the productivity of the employees by providing a congenial environment for working. Keep in mind the following points while creating the checklist for your office

1.    The comfort of the usage:

It goes without telling that little comforts go a long way in keeping the employees in a better position thereby increasing their efficiency. For example, a receptionist if given an uncomfortable chair with no rolling facility in the chair will have to end up getting up every time to receive a fax which is kept at the far end. Even the best interior decorators in Bangalore will agree that uncomfortable furniture also translates into physical pain which will lead to taking frequent breaks. Both these stealers of productivity are easily avoided if high backed, wheeled and comfortable chairs are provided. Also for constant usage of furniture like chairs, desks etc, the comfort should be prioritised over looks.

2.Colour coordination and design alignment:

People often underestimate the need to synchronise or match the colour of their furniture to the room’s colour. It is important that the furniture and the room colour do not end up in extremes. It should neither be very jarring nor very sombre. A balance is always most welcome. The overall tone however should be dictated by the function of the office users. If the work is more of deskwork with each siloed into cubicles then it pays to get lighter-toned furniture and match it with subtle tones. If the office has a lot of customers walking in, then furniture in brand colours or bright colours is more appropriate.

3. Easy to organise and clean:

With the increasing VUCA effect seeping through over everyday life, especially in corporate offices, movable and detachable office furniture makes more sense. The office furniture should be light in weight and should lend itself to repurpose or reuse. A piece of multifunctional furniture always makes better economic sense as it is easier to renovate. Post covid offices are getting more and more detachable and flexible. The surface and the material chosen should be easy to clean and disinfect. Smoother and lighter surfaces are preferable to darker shades since cleaning them with duster and water is equally easy.

4.Proportionate communal spaces:

The social distancing need not mean bigger spaces or higher rent. If the communal spaces like conference halls and cafeterias are cleverly furnished with cubicles or partitions, then they can be utilized safely and effectively. It is also necessary to proportion the quantity and size of furniture according to the number of people in the office. If the office is running at full capacity, it makes more sense to get chairs rather than a sofa. It is necessary to furnish your office according to the number of people it is housing. Even the best home interior designers in Bangalore take up office projects because office is after all home away from home

5.Electronic gadgets and their plugins :

Electrical plugs-in are an indispensable part of the furniture today. Be it a conference table or desk for the employee, it needs ports and facilities for the wire to pass through. Also, a new design comes with an electrical plug-in and an inbuilt charging facility. It is best to look into the daily functions of the user and understand their requirements. The furniture should be an extension of the user’s functionality.

6.Synchronized theme and aligned props:

The aesthetics of the office is directly proportional to the productivity of the employees. The overall tone of the office is pleasanter if there is a single theme threading the office décor and furniture into one. The furniture should be in line with the theme of the office and its décor. The colour, shape and finish of the furniture should match the office and its function

The furnishing of the office can be done in a very economic way if we keep some basic things like these in mind.