The well-known manufacturer ELD provider Ezlogz has released equipment for fixing the location of vehicles. The modern product has already received a lot of positive feedback from customers, which confirms the originality of its development. These devices perform a number of useful and needed functions.

The price of control services depends on the parameters of your car service and the required capabilities. A big advantage of the system is the absence of a mandatory subscription and other rules restricting the user. To implement a competent pricing policy, the company widely uses scaling.

Currently, the service has over 10,000 registered users. Drivers and other employees gradually master the new resource and appreciate it. The supplier recommends checking whether the service meets the expectations of drivers.

Using the models and their cost

The capabilities of the models depend on the conditions of their owner, which excludes independent setting of the price for connecting the equipment. Representatives of the company claim that the new version has great potential. Users can switch on the determination of car location, tracking the actions of passengers and other functions they need.

The equipment is connected to a port or mobile gadget. A SIM card is used to access the Internet. The technology has many advantages, including:

  • no requirement to enter into an agreement for the provision of services;
  • the fastest product check – within one month;
  • possibility to order additional functions;
  • the cost of the resource depends almost only on the number of cars;
  • the ability to terminate your account at least one month in advance.

The manufacturing company is fully responsible for the supply of all programs and technical equipment of the service. The price of devices starts at $10. Although the cost is quite impressive, the company’s services are growing in popularity, mainly due to free technical connection. But the launch of a number of additional options is paid. For example, they include tax control.

The main functionality allows you to work with the system without extra costs. The final cost of your project can be set only after agreeing all the conditions with the manager.

Why is Ezlogz the most profitable option?

The control of transport logistics, as well as the transportation of passengers, is very important for many business participants. Services that offer a complete solution to the problems of vehicle fleet management are very convenient. This requires regular control over the movement of vehicles, as well as monitoring of drivers.

The list of all the advantages of the new software and hardware is not limited to its optimal cost. The use of Ezlogz also has these obvious benefits:

  1. Compliance with FMCSA requirements. The equipment has passed the necessary control, and also meets all official quality requirements. Its main functionality makes it possible to control working hours after the launch of cloud interaction. The driver can set the order of monitoring their actions.
  2. HOS rules. Failures in operation lead to material damage and other troubles, so there is an opportunity to think about improving your monitoring. The equipment fixes the time before the break, and also takes into account other nuances for quality control without failures.
  3. Ability to store information. Data about the route and movement of the vehicle is entered into a centralized database. You can use the available information at any time, even when the equipment is not active. Fresh data is added at a new network entry automatically, which helps to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and loss of information.
  4. Accounting for fuel tax. Obtaining information on vehicle movement is essential to the creation of IFTA tax records. The option is used for mileage monitoring, but is not part of the report. The returned money equivalent is calculated automatically.
  5. DVIR capabilities. The driver carries out not only regular maintenance, but also replenishment of the centralized database. This captures error identifiers and other necessary information. The need for this service is determined by the current needs of the client company.

The list of additional Ezlogz services is quite extensive. Organizations strive to manage their vehicles and documentation in a smart way, simplifying the work of ordinary employees. The centralized data includes the location of each car. The company’s management personnel can access such information at any time.

Connecting the equipment is not difficult for users. The manufacturer has ensured maximum convenience of all its services. All you need to do is connect your devices to the Internet to keep your vehicle fleet productive.