Do you think it is best to just install doors without getting to have them checked and maintained regularly? Do you think door maintenance is a hard process to carry out? 

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The door maintenance process is actually one that is necessary if you want your door to last longer. If you look forward to finding out some basic maintenance tips for your door, then you should stick to this post.

Let’s go!

6 Maintenance Tips For Doors In Your Homes

We should know that doors vary in type and size. There are automatic doors and manual doors. I’ll be sharing the basic tips that apply to both of them. They include;

Apply lubricants to your door regularly

Both manual and automatic doors need lubricants at regular intervals. This is because they both have metals on them. For easy opening and closing, then you should ensure that you lubricate your door at least every three to six months. It would not take much of your time, just ensure you carry out the process well.

Ensure you tidy your door environment

Most times, people do not pay attention to this but I can say the truth that your door would wear out easily if there’s a presence of dirt around it. Take for example sand or even water around that environment. If you do not clean as you ought to, you might be lowering the lifespan of your door.

Check your locks often

Why would you be using your door regularly and not be mindful or conscious of the locks? Most especially, manual doors.

You must check the locks often and ensure that it is in good shape and is functioning as they should. If you do not check out for this, you might be caught off guard by the door, and it won’t be a good experience.

Do not hang heavy stuff on your door

People who use manual doors are guilty of this. You find them hanging lots of clothes on their doors. It is not ideal if you want to maintain your door. Ensure that you do not hang too much stuff on the door, thereby adding so much pressure on it.

Check the spring of your door

Automatic doors sometimes come with springs and this is what will aid the easy opening and closing of the door. You must check it at intervals to ensure that the spring is not overstretching and you should make it a duty to ensure that it doesn’t overstretch.

Check out for stiffness

If you find out that your door is getting stiff or funny sounds are coming out on opening the door, it’s either there’s an obstruction you should check out for or it just needs lubrication just like I explained above. 


If you do not see a need to maintain your door, it would not serve its purpose as long as you want it to. Maintaining your door will only make it in better shape and also increase its life span.