Malwarebytes error
Malwarebytes error

Most people install it on their PC, and even companies prefer to use this software. But, some of you who downloaded it for the first time may encounter the problem of Malwarebytes, not opening, which is a bad problem.

Know how to solve the malwarebytes will not open windows 10.

  1. Start over.

Go easy first. Why work hard if easy solutions can help us? So if you try to open the program and it won’t open, right? It is suggested that you close it again now. Confused, how do you close if you don’t open?

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open processes in the Task Manager window.
  • Search for any process that has a descriptive name related to Malwarebytes. As in my picture.
  • Select these processes and press the End Process button.
  • What now? You have closed Malwarebytes. 
  1. Update Malwarebytes

When a new software update is released, sometimes some minor issues can cause the software to work incorrectly or sometimes not at all. But as soon as the problem is detected, a new update is released that fixes the error. The same could be possible in this case. Therefore, it is worth a try.

  • Go to and click on the free download button available on the right side of the web page.
  • A new window tab will open, telling you to save the file wherever you want. Click the Save button here.
  • Finally, you can install the updated software and launch the application when the download is complete.
  1. Rename mbam.exe to explorer.exe

There are many malicious files, and some may be present on your computer, which will not allow your computer to start Malwarebytes Antimalware, causing Malwarebytes to not open the problem after installation. What this malicious file does is that it blocks the file extension. It will run Malwarebytes exe file, i.e., mbam.exe causing Malwarebytes to not open problem. So what you can do is:

  • Go to Local Disk C folder then select on Program Files -> choose the Malwarebytes -> then click on Antimalware folder
  • Now, in this folder, find the file mbam.exe.
  • Rename the file as “explorer.exe.”

This will help you start the program again, and once Malwarebytes is created, run a malware scan and remove the malicious file. Also, after deleting the malicious file, rename it from explorer.exe to mbam.exe.

  1. Run as administrator

Check if you are the administrator or if the program you are running has administrative permission. Since it does not have administrative access, some vulnerable third-party applications may not allow it to start. So if you are not using the software with unlimited access, follow these steps.

  • Find the Malwarebytes file on the desktop. If it is not on the desktop, follow the first step in the previous solution and open the mbam.exe file.

If that works, then you have found this problem as well as the solution.

Note: You can grant the program permanent access as an administrator as follows:

Right-click on mbam.exe, go to properties, click compatibility -> run this program as administrator and then apply.

  1. Start Malwarebytes in Safe Mode

Since we can’t solve Malwarebytes won’t open the problem after all these efforts, we will keep our only goal of opening AntiMalware once and removing the suspicious file by scanning the system, bearing in mind that Malwarebytes won’t do that now. The virus opened it. We have another option to try, which is Safe Mode. malwarebytes stopped working windows 10 Yes, the program will most likely run in safe mode. Once the program starts in safe mode, we can scan the system, removing the malicious file that prevented the program from opening. To prevent the malicious file from opening safely, we will be running safe mode with a network option, and there will be no anti-malware resistance.

  • Boot into Safe Mode – Windows XP, 7, 8, 10:
  • Get run command box by pressing the Windows key with R on your keyboard.
  • Type “msconfig” in the search dialogue.
  • Select the Boot tab in the new dialogue that appears.
  • Then, on the “Boot” tab, select Safe Mode and on that network.
  • Click OK and then Restart when prompted to start Safe Mode.

After booting:

When the booting of whatever operating system you are using is done, and you are now in safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Open Malwarebytes Anti-malware.
  • Full PC Scan – Full system scan.
  • Restart the computer in normal mode.

Now check that the problem should be resolved.

  1. Reinstall Malwarebytes

Reinstalling should provide a solution to the problem. You can download the Malwarebytes app from their official website after completely uninstalling the program. If you are going to use a trial version, don’t worry. But, if you have a licensed version, you have a backup of your credentials.

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