Saint Row

Saints Row is a popular game that has been around for quite some time and it has come a long way since its inception. Over the years, the game has evolved and become a lot more complex, giving players endless opportunities for exploration and experimentation. To make your gaming experience a little more enjoyable, we have collected some of the best saint row re elected cheats that you can utilize to master the game. These cheats offer different levels of assistance, from unlocking powerful weapons to boosting your character’s abilities. In this post, we will discuss some cheats that are bound to give you the upper hand over your opponents. 

Unlock infinite ammo on all weapons

One of the best ways to ensure that you never run out of ammo is to activate the infinite ammo cheat. Here, you don’t need to worry about reloading or running out of bullets, giving you the chance to focus on your mission without having to worry about your ammo levels. All you have to do is go to the main menu, select ‘Extras,’ and then choose ‘Cheats’ to find unlimited ammo in the list. Activate it, and voila, you’re pegging enemies left and right!

Unlock all weapons

Getting your hands on powerful weapons is essential to your gaming experience. The game offers a ton of weapons, and sometimes it can take forever to unlock them all. Thankfully, this cheat allows you to unlock all weapons in the game instantly. Go to ‘Extras,’ then ‘Cheats,’ and choose the ‘Unlock all Weapons’ cheat. This cheat will ensure that you have all the weapons you need to take on any mission.

Grant your character invincibility

Your character’s invincibility can be a game-changer when you’re in a tight spot. This cheat allows you to activate full invincibility, meaning that you can take as many bullets as you’d like without dying. To obtain this cheat, go to ‘Extras,’ then ‘Cheats,’ and activate the ‘Invincibility’ cheat.

Busting your Wanted level

You must beat your wanted level to prevent cops from pursuing you during gameplay. The goal is to reduce your level to zero as you progress. Fortunately, you can enter a cheat code to instantly lower your wanted level, saving you the stress of being chased around all the time. Go to ‘Extras,’ then ‘Cheats,’ and activate the ‘Never Wanted’ cheat to eliminate the police problem.


In conclusion, the Saint Row Re-elected cheats mentioned above will enhance your gaming experience in no time. With an invincible character, endless ammo, and all weapons at your disposal, you’ll have a strategic edge over your opponents, allowing you to complete your missions with ease. You can explore all the available cheats in the game to see which ones best suit your gameplay style. We hope that this guide has been useful in helping you get the most out of your gaming experience Remember to have fun exploring the game and mastering the cheats as you go.