As humans, it is very common for us to get stressed about something we don’t understand completely or something that we think we can’t do. This air of doubt around one’s capabilities breeds stress, fear and anxiety issues. Math anxiety is quite similar and common among children and at times even among adults. The constant struggle with the subject, the worrying and the feeling of anxiety, etc. is something both adults and childrens can relate to. However, earlier the problem was chalked off to ‘not being good’ at the subject. Now that you know it might not necessarily be the case, you, as parents, must understand and take steps to help your child overcome Math anxiety.

Kumon after school programmes are one way to help your child overcome the anxiety that’s holding them back. Here’s how the Kumon math programme for kids helps students in overcoming their fear of the subject.

1. The math learning classes focus on helping students develop a liking for numbers

Once you develop a liking towards something, things get easier. This philosophy applies to almost every aspect of human life. Math is no exception.

Kumon math learning classes use incremental worksheets that are personalized according to the learning abilities of each student. These worksheets start with easier problems, ones the students have already mastered. The primary objective of starting at an easier level is to eliminate the fear for the subject from the student’s mind and boost their self-confidence. Once that happens, students develop a liking for math and problem solving, becoming independent learners in the process.

2. A change in environment and study support develop their skills

The learning environment at Kumon kids learning centre is different from the student’s school. By enrolling their child into Kumon math learning classes, the parents introduce their kids to a distinct support system that is separate from their peers.

The pace of learning is based more on the student’s individual learning ability. Besides that, the instructors focus on understanding what the child can do, helping develop confidence and skills in the student from there.

3. Emphasis on practice

Like any other aspect of life, practice is the key to mastering something. Thus, Kumon emphasizes on the power of practice i.e. using the incremental worksheets, the student solves every problem repeatedly until he/she has mastered the concept. Only after that can they move to a new concept.

To sum up, having good math skills is undeniable. Although we have the latest technology i.e., calculators, computers, AI, etc. one’s math skills can influence his/her everyday life positively. Thus, Kumon Math Study Programme places great emphasis on helping children develop a positive approach to maths. As a result, students develop a solid foundation which eliminates the possibilities of any kind of anxiety brewing in their mind.