Health-related modifications, such as the height of the bed, elevation, and lowering of the body, and the positioning of the head and legs, may be done to suit a patient’s needs. Medical beds with extra configurations and choices are required to avoid pressure sores for those who are immobilized or spend most of their time in bed. When you are trying to find hospital bed rental Toronto, you will find them grouped into three distinct types: manual, semi-electric, and completely electric, as well as more contemporary versions (such as bariatric beds).

You may either choose manual hospital beds or electric hospital beds for your beds. However, manual hospital beds are much less costly, but they do not always provide additional comforts. The equipment is able to rise and fall but requires human intervention, which may be time-consuming for the caretaker.

For those who frequently need to make changes to the height of their bed, a manual bed may be the ideal choice, given its budget-friendly price. Some kinds of hospital beds are electric, while others are semi-electric. A fully electronic bed offers the ability to make remote height, head, and foot adjustments, as well as electric height adjustments alone, while a partially electronic bed offers the ability to modify height using electricity, but is missing the capability to adjust the head and feet manually. This means that if the patient’s health is in good condition, a semi-electric bed may be enough, but if the patient’s health is bad, an electric hospital bed is needed.


Although hand cranks are used to raise and lower the bed’s head and foot, they are also utilized to raise and lower the bunk. This is the most inexpensive option in our product line and is ideal for those who don’t need frequent position changes. A physically fit person will often find hand cranks at the foot of the bed and must operate them.


The bed rises and lowers with the help of an electric motor. The device may be repositioned using buttons located on the device. In order to operate the bed, it must be cranked manually by someone who is physically capable of doing so. Such beds are excellent for those who like the ease of touch-button controls, but who do not need frequent adjustments to the height of their bed.

Full Electric

To make up for the absence of a manual crank, the patient or caregiver will use a hand pendant to adjust the bed’s height and position, which removes the requirement for the crank (unless there is a power outage, However, several beds also have a backup battery that can support the bed in an emergency). Patients are permitted to move about the bed and it may be raised or adjusted for carers to cater to or change the patient’s linens. Full electric beds typically include access to Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and cardiac chair positions.


Since at-home hospital beds are supplied with the package, mattresses are not needed. The proper mattress is essential for those who are immobile or spend most of their day in bed.

Pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers, and bedsores are painful bruises on the skin and tissues beneath the skin that are frequently classified as such. In weight-bearing areas of the body that are exposed to pressure, moisture, shear, friction, or a combination of these elements, they are most often observed. Bedsores on the heels, sacrum, knees, shoulder blades and back of the head are often present while patients are lying down. In a reclining posture, the shear pressures on the head, shoulder blades, and sacrum may produce bed sores on the back of the head, while the friction forces on the patient’s buttocks and feet may induce bed sores on the lower back.

Types of Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are cheaper and more conventional, therefore people like that. This health mattress may produce discomfort and heat in particular places, which may lead to bedsores if the patient is immobilized or spends most of the day in bed. This recommendation is especially important for patients who spend over 10 hours in bed. Due to these problems, hospital bed rental Toronto no longer considers innerspring mattresses as an appropriate option for hospital bed sales.

Therapeutic foam health mattresses are designed to help people with problems associated with pressure ulcers. The pressure point regions, such as the head, foot, elbows, and so on, are covered with softer foam, while the health mattress’s edges are covered with a more robust kind of foam.

Air cells in alternating pressure mattresses alternate between inflating and deflating to regulate both air pressure and moisture on the skin. Improvement of the circulatory system and oxygenation in the tissue is also made possible with these mattresses. Sore beds may be protected from soreness and old wounds can be tended to with the help of this item.