Men’s Toupee

Adopting hair replacement alternatives as part of lifestyle has proven to be a convenient method for men to overcome baldness and hair thinning problems. As we know, more than half of the men who are 30 or older start showing signs of hair loss. There are many causes of male pattern baldness, including genetics, medical issues like thyroid or anaemia, and stress. Men’s toupee is a cost-effective method to enhance your looks in such cases. 

These toupees are used not only by men with hair problems but also by those who love to experiment with hair styling. This hair replacement option has gained a lot of popularity of late. 

Hair Replacement Systems

There are two types of hair replacement systems out there:

  • Surgical Hair Replacement System

Surgical hair replacement treatment entails undergoing a minor surgery that is done on your head. This includes transplantation of body hair. The procedure has proven to be perilous because, in many cases, it has led to infection. Additionally, it is costly too.

  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Non-surgical hair replacement system, on the other hand, involves the use of wigs, toupee, hair extensions and weaves, which appear to be safe and secure since they can be removed easily any time after usage.

Toupee for Men: A Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Toupee for men is specifically designed to cover either the bald spots on the head or to add it as an accessory over thinning hair. But nowadays, it’s also used as a fashion choice by men to amplify their look. What makes them most sought after is that they are easily removable, appear like natural hair, and can be customized according to the needs and personal choices of the customers.

Types of Bases for Men’s Toupees

The types of bases for men’s toupees are:

  • Lace base toupee
  • Silk base toupee 
  • Skin base toupee 
  • Mono base toupee

Expert Assistance for Choosing Men’s Toupees 

When a hair replacement expert scouts for materials to create a toupee for men, their top priority is quality and the cost. The experts also keep in mind your choices and how a particular hairpiece will enhance your looks. This includes its suitability to your facial structure, skin tone, and comfort level. If you want to invest in a high-quality toupee, you should buy toupees with good human hair. 

While there are innumerable off-the-shelf choices, it is often noticed that only a custom-made men’s toupee can give you complete contentment. When you get a product that feels like natural hair and matches the color and the direction of their hair, it’s at that point that you are more willing to commit.

If the right expert guides you, you are given the liberty to choose the color, texture, or a new style you want to experiment with. If you are in any dilemma, you will be immediately put through consultation with professional stylists.

How to Wear the Toupee Right to Enhance Your Looks?

The method of putting on a toupee is to use double-sided tape, which allows one side to stick in the toupee and the other side to the bald spot or thin patch of hair. The double-sided tape lasts for three to five weeks. While ordering the toupee, you can also buy ultra-hold double-sided tapes. The lifespan of a tape varies depending on the humidity level or body temperature. If the double-sided tape isn’t suitable for you, then the other option to stick the hair toupee is glue. 

One important thing to note is that toupees and wigs are not indefinite. Their lifespan also depends on how well you maintain them. It’s always best to do a thorough research of the types of double-sided tapes, glues, or any other material used to stick toupees. Although they are generally safe, sometimes the glue and the tapes can damage the hair-producing cells. While buying toupees and adhesives for sticking them, make sure that you do a thorough research of all the options available before making a final choice. 

Considering the high expenses and side effects of surgical hair replacement systems, non-surgical hair replacement systems like toupees are a much safer and cost-effective way to enhance your looks.

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