Michael Jordan donated $10 million to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. It is an individual’s largest single donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America in its 43-year history. Jordan, a basketball star, has been working with Make-A-Wish since 1989. According to the BNN News Network, the charity engages in helping needy children suffering from critical illnesses. Jordan is one of the most talked about celebrities after he participated in a charity program in 1989.

According to a statement from Make-A-Wish, Jordan wished to meet nine children in March. In a statement released on Wednesday, Jordan said the donation marks his 60th birthday celebration, which falls on Friday. He further claimed that it should encourage others to make donations to the charity and help needy children pay their healthcare expenses.

Fulfilled the wishes of 360,000

Jordan went on to say that he thinks there is no better birthday gift than donating to a charity like Make-A-Wish, which was established in 1980, and helps children who are critically ill. The Make-A-Wish foundation pays expenses for critically ill children, who are referred by parents, relatives, and doctors. So far, the charity has granted over 360,000 wishes to children in the United States.

President and CEO of Make-A-Wish, Leslie Motter, commenting on the donation, said it will help pay for the expenses of children who are on the waiting list. However, he said the donation can be used for other wishes as well. She went on to say that the organization is receiving more wishes than it has at present.

Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA champion, spent 13 seasons with the Chicago Bulls. According to information available on the best news websites in the US, his net worth is around $1.7 billion. He amassed his fortune in part through his work with Nike Inc. and his Air Jordan sneakers line. He also owns the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA team.

The Seattle Storm Receives A Record $151 Million through a minority stake sale in the team

In the latest world sports news, the Seattle Storm has reportedly netted $151 million by selling a minority stake in the team to 15 investors. The team’s owners, Lisa Brummel, and Ginny Gilder said the organization would use $64 million from the proceeds of the franchise sale of the Women’s National Basketball Association to establish a 50,000-square-foot practice facility and Storm’s business office.

The total valuation of the Storm is about 15 times the WNBA team’s price, which was sold several times previously. A jump in price reflects the success of Storm and, in general, improves the value of sports properties for women. Gilder said the organization has set the floor. It established flourishing women’s sports like women’s hockey, and women’s soccer, not just the WNBA alone.

The three Seattle businesswomen, Dawn Trudeau, Brummel, and Gilder, who own Force 10 Hoops LLC, will continue to control the Storm. The bigger version of the group acquired the WNBA franchise in 2008 for $10 million. The owners of Storm paid $1 million initially, with the balance to be paid on achieving certain business targets.