Hair loss is a problem faced by the majority of people of this generation. This problem can occur due to various factors such as genes, hormonal issues, pollution, harmful weather conditions, polluted water, etc. Sometimes medicines can also be a reason that can aggravate hair loss. Excessive hair loss leads to thinning and bald patches. Often people get demotivated when they see they are losing a chunk of hair strands daily. It is said that losing a hundred hair strands daily is normal, but when the count increases, that can be concerning. Losing a hundred hair strands can also be a problem for people who have thin hair. It is important to find out the reason and choose a treatment accordingly.

Many topical products in the market claim to solve hair loss issues. These products often do not work because they do not target the roots. A product that is known to cure hair loss problems in both men and women is Minoxidil 5%.

  • It is an over-the-counter topical medicine that is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • It is known to cure hair loss problems of the roots. Those who suffer from excessive hair loss for various reasons, including hormonal and genetic issues, should try this topical product as it is specially formulated to target the problem.

Sometimes medicines and other treatments fail to cure hair loss, but one cannot diagnose the root cause. Chemically loaded products seem to work initially, but they damage the hair in the long run. Once you stop using the products, you can experience increased hair fall, which can be problematic to cure.

If the hair loss problem is tackled from the very beginning, then it can be cured rapidly. Minoxidil is sold as a liquid or foam in two percentages that are 2% and 5%. Minoxidil 5% is considered the perfect amount as it helps to treat excessive hair fall rapidly, thus increasing the density and reducing hair thinning. This product is also effective for growing new hair in both men and women. Everybody can start using it at an early age without worrying about the side effects. This medicine is known to cure hair fall problems in people under the age of 40.

Benefits of Minoxidil 5% for Hair Loss

Many people have questioned whether minoxidil 5% will be able to cure hair loss issues. This product is formulated for this specific problem therefore, different experts have recommended its use. It is also among the few products with no major side effects and is safe for every scalp as it provides all the essential nutrients and protein needed for growing healthy and strong hair.

Minoxidil 5% does not make the scalp dry, itchy or flaky, rather, balances the natural oil production which is needed for healthy hair. This product is authentic for combatting hair loss thus the FDA has approved its use. It does not make any false claims, and people who have been experiencing hair loss have witnessed the benefits. Here are a few ways by which minoxidil 5% helps in combatting hair loss:

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Stimulates oxygen and blood supply

Oxygen and blood flow is very important for our scalp to grow strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair fall. Minoxidil helps to promote oxygen and blood supply, eliminating the problem of excessive hair loss.

Using this product consistently helps to make the hair strands strong so that they can sustain every harsh condition and does not break off easily. Hair loss can take place if the scalp is not getting enough blood and oxygen. Minoxidil 5% takes care of this issue by promoting maximum blood and oxygen flow in the scalp.

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Effective in four months

If a person uses this product twice a week, then they will see reduced hair loss in four months. Ideally, minoxidil 5% tackles the problem of hair loss in women in four months. For men, they witness a reduction in hair fall within two months.

However, it is important to start using the product at an early stage to witness results rapidly. If the hair is already damaged due to other products and medications, it can take more time. However, it should not take more than four months of consistent use to reduce hair loss, in both men and women.

Reduces bald patches

Minoxidil 5% reduces hair loss and covers up bald patches, this is a problem mostly faced by men. This product also promotes the growth of new hair in these bald patches, so it is very effective to cure the problem rapidly. It increases the density and volume of hair by reducing hair loss and promoting follicles to produce new hair.

One can use minoxidil 5% for hair loss and also hair growth. It is one of the most effective products available in the market, and people have witnessed the difference in their hair quality after using it. It helps to repair damaged hair and reduces hair loss completely. Try out this product for those suffering from excessive hair loss and getting demotivated because no treatment seems to work.