No matter what business you run or own, marketing and advertising are the only way to truly establish and build the brand. It is simply accepted as fact, and even those who have pointed out the difficulty in tracing every single dime spent on marketing back to a sale or a new customer or client have now widely accepted that the tips discussed in this article in terms of modern marketing are the must-knows, or must-haves, for marketing in the modern era.

Continue reading for a guide on the best modern marketing concepts.

Holistic marketing

Do not embark on any form of marketing or advertising unless you have a clear understanding of the notion or concept of holistic marketing. Holistic marketing has been proven as being the best way for the modern business to make the best inroads to a market and maintain its brand. 

The first step is to see the entire business as one entity or organism; each function or aspect adds to the whole and none is more important than the other. From the factory floor or production line to the top accounts executive, every worker and every department needs to function as a whole and have the business brand at the core of every action.

Thereafter the business needs to ensure that it acts for the benefit of the customer and makes the customer experience its main driving force—using each and every means of contact along the customer journey to interact with them and communicate the brand objectives at every opportunity. 

The benefit of a holistic marketing process that is professionally implemented is that all levels and areas of the business will have the same message to communicate about and for the business. The focus becomes about the brand and not just the products or services that it produces.

Innovative marketing

Marketing has always been a very progressive and innovative sector, and you need to keep yours in this vein. Be creative and innovative in terms of how you then use and implement the holistic marketing plan as developed above. For example, use work trucks that can easily be made into a mobile marketing opportunity. Simply add the branding when you add truck accessories and you are able to then take the message on the road in a great-looking work vehicle. In addition, use public spaces and traditional flyers and banners in places that you know your clientele frequent. It’s about being creative and innovative in ways that will speak to your clients and customers.

Marketing, by its very nature, must be innovative and all about finding the most exciting and creative ways to reach and then continue to interact with your customers and clients. Using the right tools and the best available technology to do just this must be a core element of any marketing process. Big data is available and having the right kind of tech to use its results across the business for positive change is a must. So too is an internet or web presence that is able to promote the brand across the metaverse.

Influencer-based marketing

In this modern data age where information and data dominate and the metaverse is fast becoming an actual place, role models and influencers have never been as important. As part of your holistic and integrated innovative marketing, you will need to have the right type of role models who also espouse the right brand message across all of their own platforms.

It is, however, very clear at this point in the development of influencer marketing that the relationship between your brand and the influencer(s) that you have chosen must be authentic. They truly need to see the value and benefits of the products or services that you produce; they need to be consumers who have turned into influencers and not simply popular people who you pay to promote the product and services.

It is thus a tricky process if implemented correctly, and the crux is all about finding the right person—and then using the right platforms to share their use stories and relationship with the product and your brand. It is a marketing trend of the moment and one that is expected to last well into the future.

Green marketing

If this concept is not part of your marketing strategy it should be. Any green credentials of your business need to be front and center of the brand message. 

The provenance of your raw materials and the production processes that you use are all worth noting and promoting as part of the brand backstory and message. It is also a popular means of ensuring that the business is committed and engaged in wider societal issues, as all of these issues (especially those related to the environment) are the self-same issues or concerns of your clients and customers. Getting involved and engaged and using any proceeds or percentage of profits to aid these societal goals is one of the best ways to show togetherness with your customer base and grow your market.

Just as the business should strive to be greener, so too should the marketing process itself. Gone are the days of passing out hundreds and thousands of leaflets and flyers all made of shiny paper; gone are the days of all-night light displays. It must all be about creating solidarity and yes, also saving money, so saving the environment must be a marketing opportunity that your business should be considering.

Final tips and takeaways

Marketing is all about communicating a message or a story to your clients and customers and building a brand around the brand message. In the modern age, any such storytelling must be done in a way that is holistic (encompasses all levels and areas of the business and ensures all stakeholders promote the same brand message), innovative (on the platforms and using the tech that your customers do), influencer based (using the right people, at the right time, on the right platforms), and green (considerate and humane, considerate of the fears and threats faced by its customer bases). These are the tips that your business should be looking to use and implement in order to improve.