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The bathroom isn’t only about getting yourself cleaned up, but it is also about getting relax and having fun at the same time. The concept of shower is a lot older than that of the bathtub and ever since it has served mankind up until now. Initially, it was thought that the shower can cure the mantle illness but later it was commercialized so everyone can enjoy it while they clean themselves up. The evolution of shower has seen multiple types but now the modern and most luxurious glass door showers have taken over the market.  The latest shower doors are nothing like you’ve experienced before. The following frameless shower doors can even turn the ugliest place on the planet into the most desirable place.

Fixed shower screen

The fixed shower screen is probably the simplest form of a glass door shower. This type of shower is perfect for a small or limited place because it doesn’t require that much installation space. It is just installed to mark the boundaries of the shower and it prevents the water from spreading. Still, it looks amazing with the right interior and since it covers just one side of the shower the shower door glass installation cost is also quite affordable. It performs extremely well for short showers, and there’s no other product that can offer a more satisfying experience

Classic glass shower door

It is another marvelous glass door type that people love to have in their bathrooms. It has a classic two-way opening door that can completely isolate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. This door requires a bit larger installation space and it must be handled with care because first of all it is glass and second it is frameless. You should avoid putting excessive load on the glass as you move through it. Otherwise, you need to hire a frameless shower door repair service quite frequently. It is not recommended for the kid’s bathroom but would maximize the satisfaction in an adjusted bathroom.

Sliding shower doors

It is another perfect invention to make your life easier. The sliding shower doors made of glass can be a perfect solution for limited places. Since it is a frameless door the sliding movement is totally controlled by the guide installed in the base. The glass used in the shower doors isn’t that delicate but still, people still consider this particular style a bit risky due to free movements. However, it does look amazing once installed. Make sure you hire a skilled installation team that can install with absolute precision. The tilt might go along with different materials but with glass, it isn’t acceptable.

Neo angles showers

As evident from the name this particular shower type is angular. The land acquired for the construction is not always square or sometimes the house is designed in a way that leaves less or not a square place for the bathroom. The experts came up with an idea that converted that disadvantage into an advantage and now the angular showers have become very trendy. The two sides of the shower are angular and the door gives a classic opening. This usually covers more area and gives you enough room to enjoy the shower.   

Steam showers

Installing a shower for quick clean-up is the primary idea, but the experience can be taken to the next level. That’s right the steam shower is a kind of product that is way more relaxing than a hot bath. It is even recommended to improve your breathing if you are sick. They got popular as soon they first hit the market. Now if you are tired or just had a rough day, you don’t need a sauna because the steam shower can get the job done quite nicely. The best part is you don’t need to go anywhere to get relaxed. The cost is relatively higher than a common shower but it’s worth every bit of your money.

Corner showers

If you think the glass door showers ran out of idea, then wait till you experience the corner showers. The corner shower is designed to fit in a corner of the bathroom and of course, you can order any size you prefer. The wall can be used to install accessories to hold different stuff while you enjoy your hot shower where the classic frameless glass door allows an easy entry and exit.

The frameless showers are the next generation and it is specifically designed to give an optimal satisfaction to the users. The frameless glass door comes in a variety of styles and you can choose the best suited to your bathing style and needs. if you are unsure what to select, then it is better you consult an expert while you are still evaluating. It’s true it is an expensive choice but if you want to live in style, then spending some money every once in a while isn’t a bad idea.

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