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In those turbulent instances, you should be seeking out low-hazard investments to grow your money in the short term. Due to the pandemic, investing in the Philippine Stock Market presently won’t be for the faint of heart, even for the already pro, aggressive investor.

Low-chance funding, you could do not forget, is a Money Market Fund mutual funds security bank. Instead of parking your cash in a bank savings account, you can park your money in this kind of fund and generate better returns whilst being liquid (you can invest and pull out your budget effortlessly at an afternoon’s word) at the same time.

This fund goals to obtain brief-time period growth through investing in Bank institutions and authorities securities. It is supposed to provide investors returns higher than conventional Bank savings account with a low degree of hazard.

We’ll discuss one at a time beneath why you must put money into a Money Market Fund amidst the pandemic in 2020:

Highly liquid

You can make investments and pull out your finances without difficulty at a day’s word. This is very convenient for investors who want to withdraw their assets right now each time a need arises. In uncertain times like this, it’s miles higher to hold a portion of your investments as liquid as viable so you can use it for surprising desires and emergencies.

Higher returns than a bank savings account

It has better returns as compared to an everyday Bank savings account. A Bank savings account normally has a <1% interest fee annually, wherein a Money Market Fund has an estimated 2-3% YTD* return (as of August 20, 2020, for the SB Money Market Fund).


You can begin to make investments for as little as P10,000. There are other sorts of Money Market Funds right here in the Abc that offer a decrease in minimal preliminary investment.

Managed by expert fund managers

A Money Market Fund is dealt with using a professional fund supervisor. They continuously display the marketplace for possibilities to make the quality from your funding.


You can test the performance of your investment day by day with its Net Asset Value according to Unit (NAVPU) mutual funds security bank online. The NAVPU is computed on the giving up of every Banking Day and could be made to be had to buyers the subsequent banking day. You can test the NAVPU through a Bank institution or brokerage’s website.


Instead of parking all of your price range in a conventional Bank savings account, you may develop your cash with a Money Market Fund rather. This is perfect if you seek a short period and low-hazard investment to grow your money amidst the pandemic. Also, you may withdraw it without difficulty in the afternoon’s be aware whenever an emergency or unexpected need arises.