Since the COVID lockdown was put in place, I had been compelled to refrain from travelling internationally. Generally, I take one trip abroad every year, so I was really excited to travel outside this year. However, since I generally work throughout the year, my trips are extremely compact and packed to the brim. In the light of pandemic restrictions, I was really struggling to find a tour that met all my needs. Finally, a random web search and a host of positive Thrillophilia Facebook reviews led me to this Switzerland Tour package.

The tour was only 4 days and 3 nights long, and travelled through some of the best destinations in the country. The tour package started with our arrival at the Zurich international Airport. I was travelling alone, and met with the rest of the tour group upon arrival. There were six of us in total, and we gelled together quite well really quickly. We were promptly picked up from the airport by a tour guide and transferred to our hotel. Since the journey had been quite a long one, we stayed in for lunch and decided to take a little rest.

The evening was kept reserved for an evening cruise on Zurich Lake. We embarked on a really classy looking launch, where the evening was to be spent. The fantastic cruise travelled along the Zurich coastline, and provided front seat views to a beautiful sunset. The cruise also included a splendid traditional lunch, along with live music performances. All together, the Lake Cruise turned out to be quite a fascinating experience. The second day of the tour was spent on an excursion to Mount Titlis, one of the tallest peaks in the Swiss Alp range.

The first leg of the journey to Titlis included a short train ride to Engelberg. Unlike ordinary train rides in the city, our journey to Engelberg was riddled with some of the most beautiful mountain views I have ever witnessed. Once at Engelberg, we boarded a gondola that would take us to the mountains of Tubsee. If you’ve ever ridden a mountain cable car, you’ll  know just how magical it can be. HOwever, in the very heart of the Swiss Alps, the experience proved to be twice as enchanting. From Tubsee we had to take a second gondola ride to the final destination.

The cable car ride to Titlis was a revolving one: which means no angle of the mountain view was missed by any of the riders. After the exhilarating journey, we finally arrived at our destination on Titlis. Formed with over 5,000 years of accumulated ice, the Titlis Glacier is as beautiful as it is cold. There are several tours that take one through the glacial tunnels here, and we spent a fair bit of time exploring its icy womb. After a long morning at the Titlis peak, we headed back towards our hotel. Two gondola rides down left us really hungry, so we decided to take lunch at one of the local diners in Engelberg before taking the train back to the hotel.

The following day on our itinerary was spent on a half day sightseeing tour around the city.  The tour started with a visit to the beautiful Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in all of Europe. We took a guided tour to the platform right above the falls to get the best views. Our second stop for the day was the Swiss National Museum, the country’s biggest museum of cultural history. The Zurich Opera House and the Old Town were some of the other places that were covered on the tour that day.

That evening being our last in Zurich, we decided to spend it exploring the diners around town. Zurich nightlife is known to be quite active, and we stayed out well past our desired time! Although waking up the next day proved to be a little difficult after that, the experience was worth it all. The following morning marked our last day of the trip. We were dropped off at the Zurich airport, from where the group dispersed and took their own flights back home. \

As the Thrillophilia Trustpilot reviews had suggested, the Switzerland tour, despite its short duration, was well worth it. Besides, all the other requirements of the tour were taken care of by the package, which left me to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The sightseeing itinerary itself was as well executed as it was planned. My overall experience with Thrillophilia turned out to be even better than I had expected, and I cannot wait for my next experience with this team!

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