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Nasal cavities are entirely lined with mucous membrane that is tenaciously attach to the perichondria and period of the underlying osseocartilaginous bone skeleton.

Two kinds of mucous membranes are distinguish: respiratory mucosa as well as olfactory mucosa.


The paranasal sines are cavities that are drill into the skull’s bones and facial massif. They are lined with mucous membrane. And the period they connect with the nasal cavities. By using hosts that allow for ventilation and the drainage of secretions. They are small at birth, but they grow as ossification progresses, along with postnatal pneumatization of the bone of the skull.

They have fully developed around when the 20th year of age. Throughout life, they are constantly changing, and, in older age, they are susceptible to bone resorption with severe thinning of the skull. These are a reservoir of air, which means they reduce the head’s weight and play a role in the brain’s defense.

They are also essential in breathing. They make it more humid and warm the air that is inhale, and as you breathe and breathe, the air inside them mixes with inhale air and the exhaled air and alters its composition.  Also play an essential role in phonation by acting as an instrument for sounding. Then you to need or get advice from the best ENT specialist.

Lessons about Paranasal Sinuses Comprise

The paranasal sinuses comprise five on each side. They are classified according to the location in the maxillary, anterior sinus frontal sinus, frontal sinus, and anterior ethmoid cells. All of which are located in the middle meatus, as well as the posterior, sphenoidal sinus, and the posterior ethmoidal compartment.

They are all in contact with one another. The brain, to control the temperature variations, can create an air conditioning system that is natural. The various breasts in the skull perform this task perfectly. The nasal sinuses and the other mucous membranes cover them. And dense and intricate network of capillaries where blood circulates at a constant temperature of 37 degrees.

This means that there is absorption or a flow of heat to the airflow depending on the need. The nasal croissants, because of their conformation, improve their surface when in proximity to air.

What Are Nasal Cavities The Fluid?

However, as with every air conditioning system, condensation at the sinus level can cause stagnation of liquids, leading to bacterial proliferation.

Then, via the ethmoid cell, the maxillary, sphenoidal. And frontal sinuses release into the nasal cavities the fluid that results from the condensation. The fluid serves to humidify air inhaled when it is dry. Dry air could irritate nose mucous membranes. When the liquids exceed amounts, they are removed from the nasal passages.

To create a dynamo. Which is to efficiently create an “air cooling” system, it is essential to ensure the regular flow of blood and fluids in the mucous membranes that line the breasts. In addition, they carry out diverse functions, like chewing, tingling newborns, and swallowing. Read more article from here.

If you do not correctly swallow or have oral or mixed breathing, this normal fluid flow is not there. When chewing, the jaw’s upper part transmits the force of compression from the teeth into each of the sinuses.

In this mode, the alternation of compressing time followed by a decompression period ensures a precise pumping of the maxillary and the different sinuses contained within it.

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