The agent in question is a sedative; it has a powerful hypnotic effect. The drug belongs to the benzodiazepine group, has muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic effects.

Nitrazepam, definition, and origin

This tranquilizer primarily has a calming effect on a person. Alcoholics use it to relieve anxiety during a hangover, drug addicts take it to relieve pain during withdrawal, but you should not drink the medicine on your own. You need to be under the supervision of a doctor because it can cause very strange behavior and not only.

In addition to the most active substance, the composition of the drug includes primojel, talc, magnesium stearate, lactose, and povidone. Nitrazepam 10mg is produced in tablets; they are convex, oblong, and flat, their color is white, with greenish and yellow shades. One blaster contains ten tablets; a pack can contain from two to five blasters. If we are talking about can packing, then there are from twenty to fifty.

Speaking about the history of the emergence of tranquilizers, it is worth noting that they appeared in the 52nd year of the last century, the meprobamate was first synthesized. Then other drugs appeared, including Nitrazepam. The pharmacological history begins in the sixties of the twentieth century; a distinctive feature is the patient’s strongly pronounced psychotropic effect. It is because of this effect on the body that drug addicts began to take it.

Nitrazepam, effect on humans

A tranquilizer becomes a drug the moment an individual wants side effects, such as euphoria. If the therapeutic dose is exceeded, the recipient feels that the perception is changing, and his mood improves every minute. The substance evokes a feeling of lightness and artificial happiness.

Nitrazepam helps if:

  • The need to obtain a hypnotic or sedative effect;
  • The need for muscle relaxation and elimination of convulsive pain;
  • Anxiety states.

To achieve positive changes in the patient, you should consume the drug according to the most effective scheme developed by the doctor. If overused, the effect will be the opposite. With regular use, a persistent addiction develops, which can be eradicated through treatment.

The emergence of addiction

The development of craving for the drug in question is characteristic of drug addiction of a medicinal nature. At first, a person wants to relieve his torment; for example, when getting out of a binge, after a while, he can no longer exist without tranquilizers. To get a feeling of good mood and lightness, the drug addict needs to increase the dosage.

There is a certain algorithm for increasing the dose for therapeutic purposes:

  • 2.5 milligrams to 10 mg, drunk two hours before bedtime for insomnia (low dose intake).
  • The maximum single therapeutic is twenty mg.
  • With epilepsy and anxiolytic purposes (two to three times a day, 5-10 milligrams).
  • The maximum allowable dose per day is 30 mg.
  • If more is used, then this is already an addiction that requires the intervention of narcologists.

Signs of admission

To calculate a person dependent on Nitrazepam, you should pay attention to the manifestations that are obvious to others:

  • Disorganization at home and work.
  • Memory failures.
  • Sudden and unreasonable mood swings.
  • Aggression in communication and behavior in general.
  • Apathy for everything and excessive sleepiness.
  • Incomprehensible euphoria.

Speaking about physical manifestations, they are as follows:

a) a person can often enter into a stupor;

b) blisters and rashes appear on the skin;

c) instability when walking and standing.

The addict may fall into a coma in challenging cases or observe a severe speech defect, nystagmus.

Consequences of regular use

With drug abuse, somatic diseases are developed, including renal failure, pneumonia, and dermatitis. Pulmonary edema during intoxication is very dangerous for human health and life.

Psychological changes are accompanied by altered consciousness, episodic excitement, which is abruptly replaced by drowsiness.

Skilled care for nitrazepam addiction


A big problem with self-refusal from Sleeping Pills like Nitrazepam 10mg is that the addict does not see himself as a patient. All drug addicts have such a factor that prevents them from quitting the poison. Long-term practice suggests that only treatment in a specialized institution will get rid of such addiction.

Indeed, when placed in a rehabilitation center, the patient first undergoes drug treatment and then psychological treatment, which helps to re-adapt to society and forget about the drug as a nightmare.