With advanced technologies, criminals are exploiting the vulnerabilities to access the sensitive information of users and the digital assets of businesses. Resulting in identity fraud, hence it damages the business reputation. Therefore, enterprises must have a robust identity verification solution to prevent such frauds. It authenticates the user against their provided information in a limited time. OCR application plays an important role in it. This technology along with identity verification service captures features quickly, increasing their ability to recognize and verifying many IDs in real-time. 

What is Optical Character Recognition Online Technology?

Many organizations use the OCR application to collect and manage a large amount of data. Optical Character Recognition technology helps in reading data present on images and scanned documents. This cutting-edge technology is utilized for converting information present on the image (handwritten or printed) into machine-readable text. The OCR application was invented during the first world war; it recognized and converted characters in the form of telegraphs. Goldberg came up with further modifications and invented the first electronic document extraction tool. At that time retrieving records from film tapes was not possible.

At present, OCR systems are being adopted by companies worldwide for several purposes. Let’s take a look at the popular advantages of OCR solutions.

Benefits Of OCR Technology

Automated Data Processing

OCR applications, help organizations to reduce manual procedures for data management. These days, businesses collect an extensive amount of documents every single day. Processing them takes much more time and it is vulnerable to many errors. OCR scanner app facilitates businesses to acquire and authenticate customer’s data quickly. Hence it enhances the overall data collection and management process.

Greater Customer Satisfaction 

With the help of OCR document scanner services, customer support employees can access user’s data and process it immediately with the use of OCR services. It improves customer satisfaction and builds loyalty among customers.

Seamless Multilingual Translation

As we’re living in a digital world, each business whether it is of large scale or small scale needs translation systems to deal with an extensive variety of languages. OCR character reader solution can do that. It assists in the translation of multiple languages and gives accurate results. Apart from saving time it also reduces the expense required for hiring a translator.

Enhanced Security

Security is the major challenge for businesses that manage the digital information of their customers in any form. The advanced OCR application is programmed to prevent fraud attempts by matching the user-provided data with the data previously saved in the database.

Use Cases Of OCR Solutions

Financial Sector

Banking and financial organizations are the main users of OCR solutions. They use OCR document scanning apps to authenticate client’s records, monthly statements, and signatures by screening them with OCR systems. Technology played a vital role in transforming the banking industry.

Hotel Sector

OCR services are empowering the hospitality sector in multiple ways. It supports restaurants to speed up their business workflows, maximize productivity and improve customer satisfaction. There are multiple applications of OCR in the hotel industry from the check-in procedure to the generation of bills.

Travelling Sector

OCR services are making our travels more secure and convenient. Many airports around the world use OCR applications for improving security and data storage. Whether it is for booking a flight, scanning passports, the OCR technology is being utilized for making the traveling experience seamless.

Medical Sector

The medicare industry is utilizing OCR solutions to perform lengthy and time-consuming duties within seconds. With the help of a few clicks, the healthcare staff can easily access important patient information that includes diagnosis, illness, treatments, and other data. Apart from this, it also assists in keeping the consumables and logistics updated. 

OCR technology is not limited to these industries only. It has various applications worldwide. It has become an important part of our lives. Even smartphones have OCR screening apps, that extract textual data from images and convert it into editable documents.  

Optical Character Recognition For Identity Verification

The identity verification industry is employing OCR applications to make their verification procedures more accurate, frictionless, and swift. OCR solution is the major source for ID verification as it has an exceptional data extraction feature. It helps in the extraction of data from customer’s ID documents that include the date of birth, name, address, and age details.


OCR application helps multiple industries to automate their business operations. It reduces the cost and human resources required for manual data collection and processing. Apart from this, OCR scanning services are being utilized by the identity verification industry to extract essential information from the ID documents of customers.

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