Are you aware such symbols that represent white-colored supremacy? Have you ever heard from the Ok sign scam? Do you want to learn more? If that’s the case, look at this article.

Since 2017, a gimmick or propaganda concerning the Ok hands gesture has spread the content of white-colored supremacy worldwide, mainly in the U . s . States. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss the Ok Symbol Scam.

About Ok Symbols

For a long time, the hands gesture which was taken on video has already established an optimistic connotation: It’s broadly accustomed to convey the content Ok or things are good. However, it’s been adopted for various reasons, most particularly denoting white-colored supremacy. As reported by the Anti-Attorney League, the symbol is becoming a hostile meme.

That which was the foundation from the Ok sign?

People have used this gesture for millennia, typically in positive conditions. It’s found in sign languages for a number of reasons, plus yoga as an indication of inner perfection.

About Ok Symbol Scam

In Feb 2017, when an unknown 4channer declared Operation O-KKK, counseling other users they should storm Twitter along with other social networking sites using the symbol, asserting the Ok symbol is an indication of white-colored supremacy. This is the way the Ok symbol grew to become a gimmick.

The consumer even incorporated a diagram illustrating how you can draw the initials WordPress utilized as white-colored power inside an Ok gesture. The creator yet others have offered hashtags like NotOkay and PowerHandPrivilege to assist promote the scam.

Through this scam, the 4channer attempted to fool all of those other world into presuming the Ok gesture was symbolic of white-colored dominance.

Following the lead from the Ok Symbol Scam creator, 4channers built false e-mail, and Twitter handles and attacked civil legal rights organizations, reporters, and individuals with messages promoting the Ok scam.

A few of the conspiracists might have been racists or perhaps white-colored supremacists, too, as servings of 4chan really are a shelter for racists, along with the social networking site is a supply of supporters from the right wing part of white-colored nationalist movement.

Operation O- KKK’s initial launch faded away prior to going far. However it started up once again in April, however this there was a time considerably more efficient in expanding over social networking and additional, and also the Ok Symbol Scam grew to become famous.

How White-colored Supremacy Symbols Like Ok Spread To Date and Wide?

White-colored nationalist symbols and signals, however, don’t gain acceptance overnight, plus they expand organically with time. For digital symbols, the time of acceptance and expansion being used usually takes several weeks or perhaps years.


The Ok scam was one of several scams in which 4channers erroneously attributed white-colored supremacist connotations to apparently benign things, symbols, and gestures to trick liberals and persuade these to propagate false messages. Visit what is the news Web site to learn more concerning the Ok scam.