Because of the huge worldwide economic expansion in the areas of transportation, leisure, hotels, and recreation facilities that constitute the hotel business, the service sector, specifically the hospitality industry, is bound to expand even farther from its existing function. Also, it has been emphasized that the hotel industry’s economic operations, as well as the money invested in this area, are enormous and growing.

All of these factors contribute to the growth of the tourism sector and the best family hotels in Dubai. More than anything, the dramatic rise of tourism and the increasing number of foreign travelers behind the scenes prepared the way for the hospitality industry to profit greatly. 


As a result, with respect to growth factors and economic features in the hotel industry, the economic variables and their relevance in that regard are ideal and incalculable. However, more importantly, what separates the hotel sector, or, to put it another way, the hospitality industry? The hotel industry, in particular, is a broad phrase that encompasses the entire hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, leisure, and many other types of establishments.

On a global basis, the hotel industry is enormous. The worldwide hospitality industry has advanced to a high level of economic development. The global hospitality sector offers enormous economic possibilities for all types of businesses, whether it is financing, funding, or the element that is also pushing the construction industry in the global economy, thanks to the rise of tourism, recreational, and accommodation facilities, as well as food chains and the growing number of restaurants.

On a worldwide level, job opportunities in the hotel industry remain abundant which matters the most. This is undeniable, as the hotel industry covers all aspects of the service industry. Overall, as we focus our attention on the hotel/hospitality industry in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, we continue to believe that there is a wealth of interesting material to report on, particularly the current state of the UAE hospitality industry.

UAE’s Hospitality Industry

According to studies, the UAE’s hotel industry, particularly in Dubai, is thriving. As a result, the best hotel deals in Dubai are available online on Booking.com, hotel websites, and in various travel agencies. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, have become a symbol of all kinds of wealth. 

When it comes to the hotel industry, it’s no surprise that the UAE has a vast market and a growing environment. The H Dubai Hotel, for example, is a pleasure for international tourists and everyday tourists seeking comfort.

We believe that observing development projects in the tourism industry and the rise in tourism attraction development in recent times can be successful in understanding the very component of the hospitality business in the UAE and, in general, in Dubai. The Palm Spring Island and the Burj Al Arab Hotel, both of which have been operational and running since 2009 and are considered among the world’s most expensive hotels, were an example of this.

Dubai’s Hospitality Industry’s Major Developments

The hotel business in Dubai is a significant source of employment and a major contributor to the UAE economy. The hospitality industry contributed more than Dh150 billion to the UAE GDP (4.6 percent of GDP) and created about 570,000 jobs (4.8 percent of total employment) in 2017, according to the Knight Frank Report ‘UAE Hospitality Industry 2018. 

With a reputation for attracting wealthy visitors, Dubai has established itself as one of the world’s premier leisure destinations. Passenger traffic at the country’s busiest international airport increased by 53 percent from 57.68 million in 2012 to 88.24 million in 2017. More tourists are projected to visit Dubai in the next years, drawn not only by hotel ratings but also by economical, personalized, and culturally sensitive experiences.

The following are a few key trends in Dubai that are fueling the hospitality industry’s growth:

As a result of the easing of visa procedures, an increase in the number of tourists.

The UAE is continuously looking for new potential markets and relaxing visa rules to reach their respective target tourist numbers (Dubai 20 Tourism Vision). Residents of Russia, China, and India are also issued visas upon arrival to the UAE. 

In recent years, the UAE’s loosening of immigration restrictions has resulted in a significant increase in visitor numbers from several source markets. The number of visitors from India, China, and Russia increased by 17 percent, 46 percent, and 11 percent, respectively, in Dubai over the previous year.

A Rise in Supply That Can Be Noticed

The Dubai government recognizes the necessity to increase accommodation space in order to prepare for the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020. Dubai now has 104 five-star hotels, according to the Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing Company (Dubai Tourism). There are 53 five-star hotels in the planning or construction stages, with launch dates slated for Expo 2020.

Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

Hoteliers are increasingly turning to technology to improve their guests’ experiences. Guests can access their media channels on their TV set with the use of strong CRM apps and Smart TVs. Other advances involving mobile phone apps include remote check-in and remote keyless entry. 

To generate consolidated or independent reports for each transaction and customer, the billing software enables hotels to keep track of food purchases from any source, including room service and the best dining options in Dubai. By far the most important trend in the hotel business in Dubai in 2020 is technological convergence.

In the UAE, there are numerous business opportunities in the hospitality industry. There is a variety of them, including hotel operations, cleaning services, room service outsourcing, tour operators, travel and tourism operations, and so on. 

The procedure for establishing a business in any of the aforementioned industries is the same as for starting a business in any other industry. This procedure has been made swift and transparent by the UAE government.  You will be legally approved to start a business in only a few steps.


From our analysis, we can deduce that the UAE hotel sector isn’t just something to fantasize about. Following the global financial crisis of 2009, the UAE’s economy has improved dramatically across the board. The hotel business, it should be noted, is not far behind in terms of progress. 

The efforts of the UAE government to create awareness of the various programs and back-to-back conventions hosted in the region, as well as the development of tourism programs and their expansion, have been specifically planned to support the growth of the hotel/hospitality sector in the UAE.