My partner and I had decided to take our honeymoon in Maldives, the dream tropical honeymoon destination for all. However, we were at a loss when it came to booking the right package. Although Maldives has a very wide range of resorts to choose from, there were only very  few packages that managed a thorough honeymoon getaway. In the end, we came across some Thrillophilia reviews that led us to the Maldives tour package by the company.

The package offered 3-5 nights stay at the Sun Island Resort and Spa in Maldives. There were a lot of different varieties to choose from. In the end, we went on the four nights and five days tour, which included a two night stay in a beach bungalow and another two nights in a water bungalow.

The tour commenced as soon as we arrived at the Male International Airport. We were promptly picked up by our tour guide, who then helped us get to the resort island on a speedboat. Set on a private white sand beach, Sun Resort Island and Spa seemed like the very embodiment of a tropical paradise. Our first two nights were to be spent at the Beach Villa. Upon arrival, we found our bed wonderfully decorated with rose petals, and even a complimentary wine bottle resting on the table.

The villa itself was wonderfully furnished, full with a private balcony looking out into the ocean. We were really relieved to find out that all COVID precautions were put to place by the resort staff, which assuage any doubts we had about honeymooning during the pandemic.

Like all Maldives resorts, Sun Island was an inclusive resort, and didn’t need us to go beyond it to experience island life. There was just so much to see and do! The resort had its own dive centre, and we tried our hand at snorkeling on the very first day. Although it was a first for both of us, there were equipped guides who helped us through the whole thing, and it turned out to be quite magical!  We also tried fun tubing which, as its name suggests, is an extremely fun family sport where you hang on to this inflatable boat while it is being pulled forward by a speedboat.

All of this was carried out on the island beaches as well, and we didn’t really need to go an extra hand to try any of it. The eclectic diners at Sun Island Resort and Spa were a different adventure altogether. The resort features five separate restaurants, and we tried to sample as many as we could throughout our stay. The fares at each of the restaurants were of superior quality, and some featured views of the ocean as well.

Our last two nights on the island were spent at the Water villas. NEither of us had ever stayed at an overwater accommodation before, so the experience was quite exhilarating. The villas are perched right atop the crystal clear lagoon. In fact, our room had a private staircase of its own, leading us down into the waters. The room itself was fantastically furnished, fitted with all necessary modern amenities and even featuring wide windows with views of the horizon.

The villa had a private sundeck as well, and we spent our evening there just enjoying a wonderful Maldivian sunset. We even took a couples’ massage at the Araamu Spa. We had heard a lot about the resort’s spa, and the staff here helped us choose the best package for ourselves. Read Thrillophilia reviews of Maldives Trip to know more about this adventure and book a package with us to collect some everlasting memories.

On the fourth evening of our stay, my partner and I decided to go on a sunset cruise arranged by the resort. If there’s one thing we know about Maldives, it is that the sunsets here are absolutely magical. Our catamaran cruise set sail late in the afternoon, and we enjoyed front seat views of this ethereal phenomenon. That night, we also opted for the private dining experience that the resort offered. We were provided with an intimate space on the beach, right by the sea, lit up with candles and offering the most romantic ambience. Our menu was hand picked by the hotel chef, and we got a private butler to ourselves as well!

Going to Maldives for our special vacation was the best decision we could have taken. The atmosphere of romance and privacy that permeates the islands is quite unmatched. We were also quite pleased that the tour package was carried out. We faced absolutely no problem on the island, or during our transfers to and from. Besides, the Thrillophilia team was always in touch with us throughout the tour.

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