Outsourcing has become one of the most popular models of work in the era of COVID-19 restrictions. However, even before that, it was quite popular, especially in Node JS development. Let’s take a look at why outsourcing is popular and what benefits it brings to the client. As an example, let us take the practice of  RexSoft, where outsourcing is one of the most demanded IT services.

Outsourcing of Node JS development is a way to save time and money by hiring professional developers of the company. Outsourcing Node JS prod means the work of a team of programmers in a cross-platform environment, popular among the creators of dynamic web applications. These same technologies and solutions are also used to create video streaming applications and other complex software solutions. If you need to develop fast, lightweight and at the same time cross-platform applications that work in real-time, and these are games, streaming services, instant messengers, or even full-fledged social networks, then you will not find better than Node JS. And if you need not hire a full-time development team for full-time employment, it is best to outsource Node JS development team or specialist.
Why is Node JS good in itself? Here are 5 main arguments in favor of this framework.

1. Common programming language. Node JS uses JavaScript for both back-end development and front-end development. The absence of the need to use several programming languages at once reduces the time required for software preparation. Therefore, outsourcing Node JS development is advisable if the client wants to create a large application and release the finished software quickly.
2. Ease of scaling projects. Another important factor that made Node JS a popular technology is the ability to create applications that easily scale both vertically and horizontally. That is, it doesn’t matter if you plan to expand the functionality of the application or grow it vertically, all this is quite possible with Node JS.
3. Increased productivity. Outsourcing Node means partnering with experienced professional developers using an environment with great potential to build applications. At the core of Node JS is Google Chrome V8, an open-source JS engine that runs instantly. Node JS is so popular due to its high performance. The framework is capable of handling multiple connection requests in one go, thanks to its event-driven architecture. Node JS is useful for creating software where uninterrupted stable operation is important, processing multiple connections at once without affecting application performance.

4. NPM support. A unique option found in Node JS is NPM, or Node package manager. With its help, programmers can quickly install and use ready-made modules (packages) several times. This significantly speeds up the development process. The NPM option is present by default in every Node JS installation, so you won’t have to spend time looking for and installing additional software to connect this tool.
5. Opportunities for any business. Despite the fact that Node JS technology is actively implemented by the largest corporations, this framework is also suitable for compact solutions, both within one company and in the format of a small, even one-page application for sale.

All this makes Node JS development services in-demand, and senior Node JS developers are leaders in demand in the international labor market.

Now let’s talk about why you should choose outsourcing?

  • First of all, not every business owner can afford to hire senior node js developers for permanent employment. What if you only need a specialist for one project, for example, to create an application for your corporate needs? Paying him a salary all the time is too big an expense, and firing a specialist after completing the job is a risk to your reputation.
  • Good Node JS developers are worth their weight in gold today. And this applies not only to skills but also to the requests of such specialists. Outsourcing companies such as RexSoft offer the services of specialists working remotely, often from other countries. Believe me, the difference in salaries compared to the pros from the USA will be several times. And outsourcing developers have no less experience and qualifications.
  • All maintenance and payment of salaries to the outsourcing developer lies on the shoulders of the outsourcing company. You are not involved in organizing the workplace, controlling the project, and constantly interacting with the team. All that is required of you is to describe the task and agree on how to accomplish it.

These three reasons are the main ones why outsourcing in IT in general and in such a popular direction as Node JS development is in demand. After all, this is real savings!