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The Packaging Design for Halloween should be special and creative. It should be thematic for demonstrating the occasion of Halloween. Different businesses have introduced different dazzling packaging trends for Halloween 2021. They may attract the audience and increase sales. Visit myfestivefinds.com to know about creative and trendy ideas. They can set your brand apart from everyone else in the market. Let’s discuss 10 dazzling packaging trends for Halloween 2021.

Tiny Illustrative Patterns

You can see that every brand is struggling to carry the day and make a difference from others. They also try to make their packaging distinctive. One of the best ways to get increased appreciation from customers is to produce boxes with illustrative patterns printed on them. You can use these tiny patterns to describe what is inside the box. You should understand that tiny illustrations and patterns are more than just embellishment or decoration. They can help to reveal the kind of product in the box. In Halloween 2021, you may expect the boxes to have tiny illustrations and patterns to demonstrate the occasion and product inside the box.

illustrative patterns
illustrative patterns

Authentically Vintage Experience Of Unboxing

You may see that vintage-inspired packaging has remained a trend of the time. It is becoming popular over time. When you have to make the occasion of your customers special, you may offer a vintage unboxing experience. In 2021, you may see a vintage-inspired packaging that may have an old-school look. You may find it indistinguishable from something that your grandmother may have used. It will transport you to a different moment in time. It will take you beyond logos and labels. You will encompass the whole brand experience. It will make you use vintage-inspired bottle shapes, textures, outer packaging, and choice of imagery. Hence, this Halloween, you will witness a vintage-inspired unboxing experience.

Boxes With Halloween Symbols

When you are going to choose characters, symbols, or vectors for your Halloween packaging, you can become as negative as possible. We know that it is all about mystery, skeletons, or monsters. You may choose this type of symbol to drop in a few skulls. You can also spread the background of your boxes with cobwebs. You should know about Halloween symbols that are famous. Some of these symbols include zombies, ghosts, skeletons, Calavera, and bats. Other symbols include witch hats, haunted houses, pitchforks, and werewolves. Boxes having these symbols printed on them are trending in Halloween 2021.


Choosing The Right Colors Is Important

You can understand that colors have a critical connection with the event. For each event, you must know about different specialized colors. When we talk about Halloween, there are some colors specific to this event. You may choose any color but choosing the right colors according to the event is more important. Six colors are more famous for the season of Halloween. These six colors include purple, orange, brown, green, black, and red. Most brands choose any of these colors to represent their brand and the season of Halloween.

Font Styles Need Special Attention

You should know that the typeface of your Packaging Boxes is also important as other elements. You must keep in mind that the font style and its color can alone win the whole game for you. If you have chosen everything spooky, scary, and creepy and didn’t choose a Halloween-ish font, then you must forget sales. You must know that fonts on Halloween boxes should be rugged, scratched, and sharp. They must also be eroded, pointy, and drippy. Most brands customize their typeface to get excellent results.

Packaging Dressed In Fine Art

In 2021, you must expect a lot of packaging designs where packaging itself will be a kind of art. This trend is gaining momentum with luxury and high-end products. This is not fixed for high-end products; you can also see it for mid-range products on Halloween. Many packaging designers are getting inspiration from paintings and paint textures. They either playfully integrate them into their designs or draw inspiration from them by considering their focal point. The main goal of this type of packaging is to blur the line between packaging and fine art. You can see this kind of packaging on Halloween 2021.

Story-Driven Packaging 

For achieving effective branding, storytelling is one of the best features. In Halloween 2021, most brands are going to extend their storytelling to their packaging solutions. In 2021, you will see the characters that go beyond mascots. They will seemingly live their own fleshed-out stories. In the place of static mascots, you may be seeing characters in scenes. In Halloween 2021, you will be having the main character delivered to your door, telling you a story from your buyer’s package.

Product Name As The Focal Point Of Packaging 

We know that some packaging designers are using their illustrations and graphics as the focal point of their boxes. Some designers aren’t using illustrations; instead, they are using their product name as the focal point. They make use of this feature and attract the audience. They make their product name the star of the design. In Halloween 2021, the product name will be the focal point by making it creative with lettering. The designs will look enticing. In these boxes, the product name gets the center stage. Each name of the product on these Product Boxes looks like an art in itself.

Reflection Of Current Costume Trends 

You may make use of costume trends to set your packaging apart from everyone else. You can use social listening tools such as brand watch and HootSuite to know about current trends. It can help you understand what is trending and what people are talking about. For example, this year, according to surveys, children’s costume is a superhero. When you have an apparel product for kids, you can use superhero motifs to attract them.

Spooky Symbols And Characters 

Burger King has introduced its Halloween boxes with spooky characters. You can see that burger king’s iconic crown has got a spooky skeleton makeover. Its whopper wrapper was created to be like a zombie. You should know that a spooky crown is a brilliant illustration that can attract an audience. We had seen that this productive packaging was a hit of the year. In Halloween 2021, you can expect this type of packaging. It may come with spooky characters or symbols to reflect that packaging is for Halloween.

We have seen 10 dazzling packaging trends for Halloween 2021. The most important trend is the printed spooky and scary characters on the boxes. We can also see that boxes come with fine art. They will look like pieces of art. These latest trends of packaging will inspire the audience and attract them.