maling til hus udvendigt

Painting the interior of the house is comparatively easier than painting the exterior of the home. A lot of factors must be kept in mind when painting the house exterior. Here you will find a few tips and tricks which will allow you to properly paint the exterior so that no issues arise within a few years.

Pressure wash the walls.

To ensure the best possible coverage, remove the dust and dirt buildup from the house using a pressure washer. Start from the top and work it to the bottom in a smooth, controlled manner.

Repair the damaged surfaces

The outside of the house gets exposed to multiple weather conditions. The exterior of the home will likely have some damage. In the regions where you find cracks or holes, cover them up with an epoxy filler. Once the filler is completely dry, sand it lightly using a sand block.

Remove the loose paint

Once the outer wall is completely dry, walk around the house perimeter and note any of the chipped or loose paint. You can place drop cloths along the ground. Then, start to remove the loose or chipped paint using either a medium sanding block or a paint scraper.

Caulk trim

You will find gaps between the house and the windows on the doors. It can fill these gaps by using a caulk gun and exterior caulk. If it made the house with mixed materials like bricks and siding, Add caulk along the surface where the two fabrics meet together.

Prime the stains

Examine the exterior region of the house for any visible stains or wood knots. If you notice any of these, apply one coat of stain-blocking primer to the specific region by using a paintbrush.

Protect the windows, lights, and doors

You can either use plastic sheeting or painter’s tape to cover the windows, lighting fixtures, and doors so that the paint does not get stuck to these fixtures.

Paint the exterior

In the case of maling til hus udvendigt, start with an eggshell or flat exterior paint color. Put the color in a paint sprayer. Depending on the intensity needed, you can apply either one or two coats of flat exterior paint to the entire house. Remember to start your work from the top and proceed towards the water smoothly and controlled manner. When changing the exterior color from dark to light or light tonight, start with applying a coat of primer to ensure proper coverage. If you use a fresh coat of the previously existing color, then a primer is not needed.

Paint trim and doors

Once the painting is done, remove the plastic sheeting from windows, doors, and lighting fixtures. Apply two coats of semi-gloss paint color to the doors and woodwork using a paintbrush. 

If you are a malermester roskilde, these steps will help you become the best in your area.