There are so many vehicles on the roads and highways, and you want yours to look a little different. You want it to be personal to you, and you want it to represent who you are (and what you are about). When it comes to personalizing your vehicle, there are many things you will wish to consider. You want to be sure that you make the right choices and that your vehicle looks professionally finished and not tacky as a result.

Making Sure Work is Legal and Safe

Before you carry out any work on your vehicle, you must ensure that it is legal and safe. Even if work is being carried out by a third party, it must still be checked for safety. If work impedes your visibility in the vehicle, it could make it a moving violation. For instance, if you tint your windows and they obstruct your view, this could make the vehicle unsafe (and unfit) for use on the roads. If you are thinking about adding a body kit to the vehicle, then think about how this may affect your insurance as well. If you are aiming for a different look to the exterior of your car, then make sure modifications and improvements are fully legal.

Top Tip: Contact your insurer if you can. Make sure that any work you get carried out will not void the insurance that you hold.

Custom Plates

If you are not looking to tint windows or add body kits, why not get a custom plate fitted to your vehicle? A custom plate or a Prefix registration could allow you to personalize your vehicle easily and quickly. A custom plate may feature your lucky number, spell out your name, or feature your initials. When choosing a custom plate, make sure you purchase from a reputable provider. You must not try and make the vehicle appear younger than it is, and it must always be fully readable.

Adding a Custom Color or Shade

Your color may be a standard color, and this may be something that you wish to change. You may wish to add an ombre effect to your vehicle. Or you may wish to add a custom green, blue or red shade. Before changing the shade or color of your car, make sure you are carrying out the work legally and safely. Also, make sure that you are not using a banned color. If paint work is carried out unsafely or illegally, it could impact how (and where) you use your vehicle.

Top Tip: Always get work carried out by professionals. If a paint job is rushed, the vehicle will lose its appeal (and it may lose some of its value too).

Budget and Timescale

There may well be several jobs you wish to carry out in your vehicle. To make sure these jobs/items of work are carried out correctly, you will need to enforce a budget and timescale. This will allow you to stay on track with your spending and keep all work within a timescale that is suitable for you (especially if your vehicle must be off the road for a while).